Undergraduate Concentrations


At Babson, our 24 concentration offerings provide a succinct way to tailor your undergraduate education to your interests.

With undergraduate classes that cover the liberal arts and sciences, sustainability, entrepreneurship technology, art and history, and, of course, business courses for entrepreneurs, your Babson degree will set you up to be an entrepreneurial leader in your chosen field. 

While not mandatory, they are an opportunity to customize your degree and the undergraduate courses you take, connect with specific faculty advisors, and align your education with your career aspirations. You can pursue up to two concentrations as part of our undergraduate business program that will appear on your transcript, and each concentration requires four courses. 

A Personalized Approach to Undergraduate Education 

Now for the fun part: with over 20 options to choose from, Babson concentrations provide a wide range of relevant business avenues for you to pursue while enhancing your undergraduate learning and hands-on opportunities. 

Want to address concerns of fast fashion? Check out our environmental sustainability offering. Does the liberal arts aspect of our curriculum intrigue you? Historical and political studies or literary and visual arts may interest you. Taking over your family’s business? Try the retail supply chain management or leadership, people, and organizations concentrations. Have you always known you wanted to be an accountant or lawyer? We have concentrations for those avenues. And, of course, you can pursue entrepreneur courses as part of your business degree curriculum with our entrepreneurship concentration. 

If those interests are more specialized, we have undergraduate programs, opportunities, and concentrations you can pursue while obtaining your bachelor's in business administration degree. Wherever your interests lie, we have a path that fits within the Babson course requirements.  

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