Retail Supply Chain Management

Entrepreneurs, market researchers, managers, technology developers—all could benefit from an understanding of the retail supply chain and how consumer demands and expectations are changing.

The retail supply chain management concentration explores all parts of the supply chain and how societal forces, such as environmental concerns and digital versus brick-and-mortar shops, affect it.

With a wide range of course topics, you gain an understanding of how retail establishments function, from human resources to the brand teams. This concentration prepares you for a variety of careers within the consumer supply chain, including retailing, marketing, supply chain management, franchising, brand management, marketing research, and data analysis.

Course Spotlight

MKT 4515 – Brand Management

Every good entrepreneur knows the importance of one’s brand. This course covers the day-to-day tasks and decisions a brand manager makes, and how the entrepreneurial leadership training at Babson, which emphasizes making strategic decisions, sets you up for success in these situations.

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Faculty Contacts: Lauren Beitelspacher and Brad Johnson
Sponsoring Divisions: Marketing and Operations & Information Management

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