Real Estate

Real estate is a field that has many facets and requires specific knowledge of the intricacies and laws of those facets.

The real estate concentration prepares students to analyze real estate investments, trends, and projects while studying how the real estate market influences and is affected by various other markets and factors.

Students in this concentration are uniquely qualified to navigate the residential and commercial real estate markets and feel confident they are making sound, reasonable decisions. Not only can you evaluate the value of real estate properties, but you also have an understanding of the role housing plays in greater society. It’s also a great companion to law studies.

Course Spotlight

FIN 3565 – Real Estate Development

It’s time to dive deep into the real estate development process. This course provides insight and case studies into the critical steps and key decisions required to create, secure approvals, construct, lease, finance, and manage property improvements. You conclude your semester of work and analysis with a final team project that examines the perceived risks and potential returns of real estate development.

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