Undergraduate Internships and Professional Opportunities for Babson Students

At Babson, you discover what you want out of your career by expanding your network and building on your experiences in the classroom and in the real world.

The Hoffman Family Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD) at Babson offers students support to identify and seek out undergraduate internships and other professional opportunities to foster that early career growth and exploration. Through panels, one-on-one advising sessions, and networking events (among many other Career Resources), CCD is here to help you explore career options and the various Professional Paths available to you.

What Are Internships?

College internship and other professional experiences, such as job shadows, are an important stepping stone on your career journey. Internships provide students with an opportunity to experiment by working in areas of career interest and developing valuable skills, while job shadows allow students to explore various industries and functional areas by observing professionals on the job and asking questions. Both opportunities will be invaluable to you as you start your career.


of the class of 2023 had at least one internship while at Babson


of students received an offer for full-time employment from their internship, if there was opportunity for an offer


had at least two internships

Percentages are based on a knowledge rate of 83%. Percentages have been rounded and therefore may not total 100%.

How Our Coursework Amplifies Career Exploration

While internships are not required at Babson, almost 90 percent of our students do at least one. Our students seek out opportunities, and blaze their own professional trail. At Babson, our students are go-getters, building out their skills and confidence to find internships and the professional environments they want to try out.

Our resources, including providing access to various networking opportunities and growth tools, are here to supplement that drive and support our students as they explore the career avenues that interest them.

Additionally, experiential learning, or hands-on learning, is baked into what we teach at Babson, and internships are a big part of that. Because of that, we want to ensure you pursue the opportunities and industries that interest and challenge you the most. We have specific courses and programs that are designed so you can excel while you figure out your professional passions and build marketable skills.

Career Exploration Lab

Offered for students who want to add value to their internship experience or need to receive credit during an internship, this course helps you apply your classwork in a real-world business setting. The Career Exploration Lab also supports international students’ ability to obtain the proper visas required to work in the U.S.

Internship Experience Lab

Designed to complement our students’ professional learning during a summer internship, you can earn course credit while receiving guidance and mentorship, all as part of your early professional development.

Summer Intern Sponsorship Program

Each summer, CCD proudly offers awards to students who accept global and domestic internships that may otherwise cause financial hardship. We aim to make it possible for you to engage in internships, whether paid or unpaid, so you can pursue the professional path you want.

Job Shadows

For job shadows, which are designed for students in the exploration phase of their career development, CCD connects students with a vast network of Babson alumni and organizations in order to investigate various careers, industries, organizations, or functions. Students spend one to five days shadowing and observing professionals on the job, and in the process, expand their professional network and develop a more realistic understanding of their career goals.

Ashley Lim 23

My (previous) summer internship was at a medium-sized tech company and was focused on sales, marketing, and finance, which are more applicable to go-to-market product management. My experience at IBM has not only proven that technology is what I want to work in but also has provided me with a different perspective on product management. After my internship, I was asked to return to the product manager team full-time after graduation.

Ashley Lim ’23
Product Management Intern at IBM (Summer ’22), now Associate Product Manager at IBM

Where You’ll Find Babson Students

The answer is everywhere! Our curriculum, with foundations in business and the liberal arts and sciences mixed with hands-on experience, allows our students to tackle anything. Whatever your next step is, the entrepreneurial leadership mindset you gain while at Babson will get you there.

Rebecca Schwartz

It is a great learning experience to be a part of a real business and therefore a great opportunity to learn more about communication, roles, and company cultures. It is easy to focus only on tasks or projects during an internship, but there are opportunities to learn from almost every aspect of the job.

Rebecca Schwartz ’22
former performance improvement team intern at Cambridge Health Alliance

Our students take advantage of opportunities at both local Boston-area businesses, startups, NGOs, and non-profits as well as companies in their hometowns and all over the world. Our students in the past have found positions at large accounting firms such as KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers, explored retail and the supply chain with TJX, helped market new products with Dunkin Brands, worked with the Boston Red Sox, and interned at agencies like Digitas.

But, this is only a small sample of where our students hone their skills. Our students also find positions at small businesses and work on Capitol Hill, too. You can read more about where Babson students intern in Babson Thought & Action.

Laura De La Espriella

I believe internships are a great way to figure out what aspects of a business you’re into or excite you the most. I think it’s a great way for me to start drafting and planning my future.

Laura De La Espriella ’23
former intern at Avista

Where our students end up is up to them. We are here to guide that exploration and be the ultimate cheerleader. We can’t wait to see where you go with us.

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