History & Society Division Hollister Hall

History & Society

The Babson College Liberal Arts Curriculum provides a broad and deep educational experience.

Students engage in a three-level (Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced) course of study designed by the Arts and Humanities and History and Society Divisions. This innovative program helps our students acquire frameworks for understanding complex aesthetic, ethical, cultural, and historical issues, and the abilities to explore and communicate critically about them. Our pedagogical philosophy is further distinguished by the fact that students are enrolled in both liberal arts and management courses throughout their four years and at increasingly higher levels of sophistication. Our dedication to the liberal arts demonstrates our commitment to educating the whole person and our conviction that the abilities developed in our program are invaluable to the business professional.

Courses in the History and Society Division introduce various disciplinary and interdisciplinary methods for understanding how the individual is connected to groups, communities, nations, and other institutional arrangements. Students analyze how individuals and communities are shaped by—and help shape—systems of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, national power, and globalization. By grappling with these complex issues, students learn to examine their own historical and social contexts with a goal of ethical and socially responsible global citizenship. Our talented and diverse faculty represents a range of disciplines including anthropology, history, media studies, politics, and sociology.

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