Identity & Diversity

The role identity plays in your personal and professional worlds only grows as you explore the world and different career paths.

This concentration uses identity as a category of analysis and as subject matter, examining how its social construction reflects and determines differentials of power and opportunity. You analyze identity groups as social agents whose biological, socialized identities and experiences are shaped by—and help shape—systems of gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic class, sexuality, and national power.

This concentration is interested, above all, in the changing status of various identities over time and space. The analytical, collaboration, and reflective thinking skills you develop help prepare you for careers in all fields, but especially consulting, management, diversity and inclusion, higher education, healthcare, hospitality, and the arts.

Course Spotlight

MUS 4620 – Global Pop

Explore how musical genres transcend global barriers—and also what gets lost in translation in this course that explores how societal forces like colonization and technology play a role in the development, appreciation, and business of music. This is a broad topic, which covers how music addresses concerns of authenticity, hybridity, cultural imperialism, nationalism, personal identity, censorship, political protest, ownership, and appropriation. Ultimately, you leave class with a deeper understanding of what music means and the role it plays in your life. 

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