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Optimize Your Potential with MS & MBA Job Search Support

Empower your career search with the Center for Career Development at Babson. Whether you want to find your career focus, launch your own venture, or explore employment at your dream company, the CCD offers you graduate job search support and MBA job search support every step of the way. Our resources can help you shape your future—from before you arrive on campus, throughout your program, and beyond graduation.

“I had always been interested in consulting, and PwC was a dream come true. Babson CCD and Susanne Schneider-Kivelitz in particular guided me a lot in my job search. I participated in networking events, career fairs, and different workshops that helped me build my brand and prepared me for the opportunities that followed. I learned that I had to think of myself as a brand, and just like any brand, I had to market myself. The way you market yourself decides the course of your future and sets you up for success.”
Aishwarya Chheda MSBA’21
Senior Associate in Advisory, PwC
Working with CSD

Get Experienced One-on-One Career Advising for a Custom Fit

CCD relationship managers have decades of experience and connections that help students pursue their passions and exceed their goals. As a Babson graduate student, you have access to long-term, dedicated one-on-one career advice to define and refine your strengths, focus your goals, make a plan of action, and build connections and skills that help you land that dream job—or build one yourself.

Meet the Team

Kick Your Search into High Gear with Career Sprints

Join a small group of your peers for weekly action meetings with your team and advisor to discuss strategies for landing jobs and internships. Advisors cover topics like honing networking pitches, practicing interviewing, fine-tuning resumes and LinkedIn profiles, assessing skills, and best practices for reaching out to companies. Each week, you’ll be tasked with specific actions related to your job search and report on your progress.



of students found them valuable and satisfactory


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of students are satisfied with career sprints

  • Case Interview Skills
  • Enhancing Your Job Search Strategy
  • Career Changers: Craft Your Story and Put it into Action
  • Networking and Personal Branding through LinkedIn
  • Ace the Behavioral Interview
  • Job Offer and Negotiation
“Joining the career sprints was one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had at Babson so far. I landed my dream internship with a great startup in Boston.”
Lakshita Gupta MBA’21

Get a Resume and Cover Letter Boost

Your unique background, skill set, and Babson education make you stand out from the crowd—and with the CCD’s help, so will your resume and cover letter. We can work with you to help you tell your story in a compelling way through resume and cover letter formats that convey who you are—and the value you bring. Learn how to spark connections with the right employers for you.


Calm Your Nerves with Interview Support and Preparation

Whether this is the first time you’re meeting an employer or participating in a case interview, you’ll be prepared. CCD has proven methods and tools to help you feel confident and be yourself. That’s how you share your best assets, and put your best foot forward.


“The graduate CCD was a great resource for sprints, mock interviews, as well as just having folks to bounce questions off of.”
Jordan Lieberman MSBA’21

Make Powerful Connections with Babson Institutes & Centers

With nine centers and institutes, Babson is a hub for industry leaders looking for solutions, global experts conducting advanced research, Babson students and alumni, and the wider business community. Let CCD get you hooked into the network.

Get Connected with Babson Alumni

Babson alumni are known for their eagerness to connect and give other alumni a hand up. At CCD, we help you build connections via networking events and other opportunities to get to know alumni. Babson alumni love to hire and work with other Babson graduates. We’ll let you know when they come to campus to recruit or find students to work on experiential projects at their company and help facilitate introductions.


“For any position I considered applying for, I first checked LinkedIn for any Babson alumni who worked there or had connections. Several alumni from Babson were already at Thrasio, and they offered a lot of guidance and support during the application and interview process.”
Michael Nocchi ’20, MSEL’21
Brand Associate, Thrasio




Use Your Career Search Toolkit to Custom-Fit Your Process

As a Babson College graduate student, you will have access to a wide number of tools and resources to help you find your best job fit. 

Find Your Path

MBTI is an assessment tool that helps you understand your behavior patterns and personality type. The results will help guide you toward fulfilling work roles for your unique personality. It takes less than one hour to complete, and we will provide you with an individual interpretation to help you apply your findings to your professional life.

Skill Scan assessment tools provide a fast, interactive, and engaging process for identifying transferable skills and applying the results to your job search. Explore the implications of your assessment results with us and discuss how these findings can influence your approach and widen your net.

Download and review extensive information on specific job titles, industries, and companies so you don’t miss out on creative opportunities you may have been unaware of. These premier career education guides give you access to industry-focused insights.

Land Your Dream Role

Through this online platform, you can explore jobs, internships, and event offerings specifically for Babson students and make appointments with advisors 24/7.

A powerful artificial intelligence platform, VMock helps you build a competitive resume and LinkedIn profile, and sets you up with a career marketability tool, leveraging employer-driven feedback.

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