Woodside is a community of students living in a wing comprised of two floors connected to the Babson Executive Conference Center (BECC).

Woodside is comprised of double rooms, each with their own bathroom, and is located across the street from the new Babson Recreation and Athletics Complex. Woodside residents share two large kitchens, each equipped with multiple stove tops, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, and other appliances. This is the perfect location for students who are on the go and looking for a community feel while living on campus.

Woodside is staffed​ by two resident assistants (RAs) and an area coordinator who oversees the day-to-day operation of the residence hall and provides direct supervision to their RA staff.

Area Coordinator: Samantha Frost

Woodside Exterior

Room and Hall Features

2024–25 Room Rates: $5,763 - $6,520 per semester
Number of Floors: 2
Room Types: Double, triple (room layouts and square footage will vary)
Furniture: Loftable bed (extra-long twin), dresser, desk, desk chair, bookshelf, closet/wardrobe, blinds/shade, trash can, recycling bin. Furniture cannot be removed.
Gender: Gender specific by room/coed by room
Bathrooms: Private bathroom in each room (shower, toilet, sink). Residents of Woodside are responsible for the cleaning of their bathroom spaces. Cleaning materials, and environmentally friendly chemicals will be available through the RA. Paper products are not supplied in these spaces.
Carpet: Yes
Building and Room Access: Babson College ID card to access building and room key to access room. Residents must sign for the room key upon arrival on campus.
Lounge(s): No
Lounge Television(s): Yes (kitchen)
Trash/Recycling Room: No. Residents are responsible for disposing of all personal trash and recycling in the receptacles provided outside of the building. ​​​​​​​​​​​​
Location: Campus Map

The BECC is utilized for executive education programs and conferences. Being part of this community, residents must adhere to policies that support the mission of the BECC. In summary:

  • Residents must acknowledge that the BECC is utilized for executive education and BECC program participants will be studying in their rooms when not in sessions. Accordingly, noise must be kept at a minimum and courtesy hours are expected at all times (i.e., no loud music, etc.).
  • Residents must not use the main entrance to the BECC, except in an emergency. They are not permitted to access the BECC from their rooms through the Internal BECC Door, nor may they use the Internal BECC Door to access their rooms from the BECC.
  • Residents will access the BECC only for legitimate purposes.
  • Residents requiring access to the BECC agree to utilize the main entrance for such access.
  • Residents may not bring alcohol into Woodside rooms or the BECC.
  • Residents may not have events where alcohol would be consumed.
  • Residents may not utilize grills of any kind.
  • Parking is limited to the area specifically designated for Woodside residents. Parking under the parking deck is prohibited at all times.
  • Residents may not have a toaster, toaster oven, microwave, or heat devices in their rooms. These items may be used in the kitchens.
  • Use of outdoor patios may be restricted or prohibited.
  • Air Conditioned
  • Common Kitchen
  • Laundry Room
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