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The Strategy & Consulting concentration is designed for those students who seek both the core foundational skills they will need to survive and thrive in an increasingly disrupted and evolving business environment, and the ability to define their unique expertise in those areas where they and their future employers elect to focus their career interests.

To achieve this objective, the Strategy & Consulting concentration has defined a business discipline that provides for the development of core skills in such areas as problem solving/decision making, and allows the pursuit of multidiscipline electives that can lead to careers in a variety of industries and functions such as consulting, global management, healthcare, or data analytics.

The Strategy & Consulting concentration draws upon the courses offered by the Strategy faculty, but supplements those offerings with courses from the Management faculty and from courses in other disciplines that the Strategy faculty believe are critically important to today’s business world. As such, Strategy & Consulting is Babson’s only true cross-discipline, market-focused concentration.

Course Spotlight

MOB 3506 – Mysteries, Puzzles, and Wicked Problems

Problems in this class, just like in the real world, are complex, lack sufficient information, have time constraints, and are difficult and stressful to solve. Solving them becomes a lesson in reframing. Through workshops, you find new ways to tackle what seem like impossible problems and watch your confidence grow in real time.

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