Olin Hall

Babson, Olin, & Wellesley Partnership

Leveraging unique strengths to enhance our overall mission.

Babson College, the top-ranked college for the study of entrepreneurship and the pioneer of entrepreneurial leadership research, Wellesley College, one of the country’s premier liberal arts colleges, and F.W. Olin College of Engineering, one of the country’s leading engineering colleges, have formalized a collaborative agreement that builds on their geographic proximity and complementary curricula to explore the synergies in the schools’ three missions.

The three colleges work together on existing initiatives and explore new academic, social and business relationships. Examples include joint research and curricular projects, common centers to coordinate conferences and programs, and shared services. At the same time, the institutions continue to break new ground in interdisciplinary studies and projects.


The number of sustainability and other projects funded by the Mellon Presidential Innovation Project Fund, totalling $59,000, as part of the groundbreaking collaboration between Babson, Olin, and Wellesley students, faculty and staff.

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