It’s all in the name—this concentration is all about the entrepreneurial experience.

This course of study focuses on the creation of social and economic value by developing core capabilities of idea generation, opportunity recognition, resource acquisition, and entrepreneurial management. It’s an adaptable, versatile concentration, setting you up for success in retail or service, technology, social/nonprofit, family, global, or corporate settings (to name a few).

You don’t just learn how to turn an idea into a viable product, but see how to shape entrepreneurial opportunities and assess the financial feasibility of ventures. You also spend a lot of time working in teams, learning from your peers and industry professionals.

Course Spotlight

EPS 3531 – Failure Is Good: As Long as You Act, Learn, Build and Repeat

The Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® (ET&A™) methodology—and all we do at Babson—has a strong emphasis on experimentation. And, with all experiments comes the possibility of failure. But, failure isn’t a dead end. It’s a learning opportunity, and this course looks into scholarly and real-world applications of how failure can be a good thing. It also demonstrates how the liberal arts and sciences, with their focus on critical thinking, ethics, and the humanities, are important to the business world and the trial-and-error process.

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