The Writing Center

writing center studentThe Babson College Writing Center offers consulting services for all campus writers.

We can assist you in planning, composing, revising, and editing your work. Peer and Professor Consultants at the center will help you gain confidence in your writing by showing you how to develop your skills and how to make informed, effective choices in your work. We can help you find ways to improve business plans, case analyses, essays, graduate school applications, reports, resumes, reviews, and summaries. The Center provides a supportive place to practice and refine your writing so that you can enjoy success in your work at Babson and in your future educational and professional endeavors.

Babson's Arts and Humanities courses immerse students into the worlds of modern and contemporary writers while helping them discover their unique writing styles. The semester flies by in a few short months, and before you know it, you've created work you never thought imaginable.
Anusha Kankure '23


Horn Computer Center, Room 160
Ext. 4365

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