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Bring Your Life with You—Family-Friendly MBAs, Master’s, and Certificates

You can be your full self at Babson, a family-friendly business school.

We know your significant other and family are an important part of your graduate experience. That’s why we have an active group of current graduate students and their partners that offers social, cultural, and educational support to enrich your lives and help you and your family transition to your time at Babson. Earn a family-friendly MBA, master’s, or certificate.

For us as a family, Babson Partners’ Club has been a great support in our arrival in Boston. It has also allowed us to meet other families, make friends, and be part of activities in the city and surroundings. The directors do a great job, and thanks to them, Babson Partners’ Club is a great community!
Agustina Cox

Be a Part of the Babson Partners’ Club

Bring your partner, kids—everyone! All family members are welcome in this group led by the partners of current graduate students. There are a lot of reasons to join, but we’ll start with the fun activities. Check out our example events below and contact the Partners’ Club to learn more.

Example Events:

  • Red Sox games
  • Apple-picking trips
  • Barbecues
  • Children’s Museum visits
  • Ice-skating trip
Joining the club definitely made my experience as a student, wife, and as an expat much more engaging. The Partners’ Club is a community of fantastic people from all different cultures and backgrounds. Working spouses, full time moms, and even kids! The Partners’ Club presidents are always thinking of innovative ways to bring people together: from cool activities that allow us to get to know more of Boston to heartfelt celebrations like baby showers. Can’t imagine me being here in Boston without this amazing support group who’s always willing to go grab a coffee or have a fun night out.
Rosario Strauch

Ask Whatever’s on Your Mind

Ask questions and start discussions with group members. Want to find the nearest Arabic grocery store? Looking for a tennis partner? Need advice about living in Boston, learning English, or getting health insurance? If you pose the question, you’re bound to get the answers you seek.

Have a Built-In Group of Family Friends

Attend partner-specific events, including holiday-themed celebrations like pumpkin carving and trick or treating, plus campus-wide activities, such as Founder’s Day and the International Dinner.

Enjoy Family Discounts

Access Babson facilities at a discount, including the Babson Recreation and Athletics Complex and painting and photography courses at the Sorenson Center for the Arts.

The Babson P​artners’ Program is a fun way to meet people and get connected to the school and the community. I enjoyed sh​aring interests with students and their families and exploring the Boston area together. It helped make my transition much easier.
Michelle Anastasi

Become Part of the Babson Community

Learn more about the Babson community, where you will foster lifelong connections, develop hands-on experience, and grow as an entrepreneurial leader.

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