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Babson Connect Worldwide

 Join us in Miami February 3-5, 2022

Babson Connect Worldwide is the world's premier entrepreneurial summit, taking place every year in a different city around the world, offering entrepreneurial thinkers and doers the opportunity to connect, exchange ideas, and be inspired.

Miami, Florida: February 3-5, 2022

Babson's signature global summit is returning this February to Miami, Florida. A cosmopolitan city known for its tropical climate, gorgeous beaches, vibrant nightlife, infusion of cultures, and growing start-up culture makes Miami the ultimate destination for Babson Connect Worldwide 2022. Serving as a Central and South America hub for the U.S., the vibrant character, Art Deco architecture, tasty cuisine, and year-round outdoor activities will leave guests with plenty to do, see and experience. Registration is now open!

The summit will feature:

  • Case studies and workshops led by Babson faculty
  • Evening cultural and gala dinners
  • Induction celebration for the Babson Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs
  • Keynote speakers and panels discussing emerging trends in family buisness, global investing, and social enterprise
  • Professional development and networking opportunities with the global Babson community

Summit Agenda

Back to the Classroom: BCW Pre-Conference Workshops
  • Family Entrepreneurship Live Case Study
  • The Power of Values-Based Leadership
Evening Cocktail Reception

Join Babson friends at one of our pre-conference cocktail receptions. Please note that an invitation for these special events will be sent out as we get closer to the conference dates.

Opening Remarks from President Spinelli

Miami Rising: Fostering an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems are no accident – they are the result of combined efforts from leadership, local government, investors, educators, and entrepreneurs to dedicate resources and networks to earning advocates. Come hear from this panel of architects who have designed and built Miami’s entrepreneurial community.

Toward a Blue Economy: A Promise for Sustainable Growth Benefitting People and Planet

Our planet’s oceans and seas cover 70 percent of earth’s surface, regulate our climate and provide oxygen for life. Our ocean produces food, enables international maritime trade and supports economic opportunity for millions of the world’s most vulnerable communities. From renewable energy and maritime transport to eco-tourism and nature-based solutions, the world’s oceans and seas will sustain people and planet for generations to come - but only if its economic value is derived sustainably. In this session, learn about the emerging research driving new investment and blue business opportunities from an early World Bank pioneer in this space, and hear from experts in science and innovation driving this $3-6 trillion dollar economic ecosystem.

Babson ePitch: Babson's Biggest Pitch Competition

Launched in 2019 to celebrate our second century, we’re excited to announce the return of Babson ePitch, Babson’s biggest pitch competition. $100,000 (with the potential for more) prize money will be awarded and chosen participants will have the opportunity to pitch live, in Miami, to a panel of investors with decades of collective experience.

Lunch with Table Topics

Global Cybersecurity: The Opportunity for Innovation and Challenge for Protection

From ever-increasingly sophisticated adversaries to savvy entrepreneurs, the global cybersecurity industry is one of the fastest growing on the planet. Join these leaders at the helms of cybersecurity innovation for a candid conversation on the state of security today: who are the adversaries, what warrants protection, and how does the virtual landscape of today alter the demands of this evolving industry.

Family Matters: Succession Planning with the Next Generation

Today, family businesses are said to drive 70% to 90% of global GDP. And yet, the study of Family Business is about the family first. Come experience this insightful conversation with the current and future leaders of Baldwin Richardson Foods Company as we take a peek inside the process of succession planning. We will discuss what family values drive their decision making, how they handle crisis, the keys to making space for the next generation.

Cultural Reception

Celebrate Miami’s vibrant culture with an evening of music, cocktails, and regional cuisine under the stars.

From Startup to Scaleup

For new companies, making the jump from idea exploration to an established product can feel like reaching the finish line - in reality, it is just the beginning. Join this engaging talk with experienced investors and entrepreneurs as we navigate the process of establishing markets, securing funding for growth, and building data good systems to generate revenue on the path from Startup to Scaleup.

Gala & Awards Dinner

Dinner and celebration for our recipients of the Babson Global Changemaker Award, the Babson-Camus Global Family Entrepreneurship Award, and induction of the newest member into the Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs.


*More fun content to be announced soon!

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The best thing about Babson Connect Worldwide is that it gives you the chance to reconnect with Babson community members who reignite the flame of entrepreneurship in you. You return from the weekend so enthused to be an entrepreneur and, a part of Babson.
Cyril Camus '91, Chairman, Camus Cognac