Best Projects of Fall 2021

Course Title: ARB2200 Arabic I
Instructor: Louissa Abdelghany
Student: Zach Shabowich
Project/Link: Song Cover 'Habibi Ya Nour El-Ein' 
Link: Song Cover of 'Habibi Ya Nour El-Ein' by Amro Diab.

Course Title: SOC4615 Childhood and Youth
Instructor: Kristen Tzoc
Students: Ana C. Richiez
Project/Link: Boys Will be Boys...Or Will They?

Course Title: GDR4605 Global Gender Politics
Instructor: Krystal-Gayle O'Neill
Student: Neha Muppidi
Project/Link: A Critical Analysis of Food Insecurity in Ethiopia Through a Social and Existential Feminist Lens

Course Title: ANT4606 Modern Israel: Conflicts in Context
Instructor: Maya Dworsky-Rocha
Student: Amara Ogukwe
Project/LinkComparison of U.S. Kyle Rittenhouse trial to Israeli Settler Violence in Occupied Territories

Course Title: ENG4620 Writing Creative Nonfiction
Instructor: Steve Bauer
Student: Ruby Zheng
Project/LinkHeaven's Mouth