Social & Cultural Studies

The social and cultural studies concentration explores the relationships among social relations, cultural practice, and economic, historical, and political contexts.

You complete this concentration with a better sense of how to read and interpret the meanings of historical documents, literary works, popular culture texts, and various forms of visual, aural, and material culture. They draw on insights from an array of disciplines to examine constructed meanings and practices of everyday life.

Classes in this concentration emphasize interdisciplinary, multicultural, and multimedia approaches to learning about dynamic cultural and historical interactions. You become more historically aware and sensitive to ways your identities and cultural assumptions are shaped by constructed meanings of race, gender, sexuality, age, national identity, and ethnicity—setting you up to be a great team member and leader.

Course Spotlight

CSP 2035 – Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East

To explore the cultures, geography, politics, and history of the Middle East region, this course utilizes documentaries, movies, literature, and current events as well as anthropological and ethnographic materials. You participate in discussions and readings about political Islam, the Israeli-Palestine conflict, the war in Afghanistan, gender and sexuality in the region, and human rights issues. 

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