Quantitative Methods

Math-minded students thrive in the quantitative methods concentration, which provides analysis tools and techniques that are widely applied in a variety of fields in business.

This concentration focuses on applied problem-solving methodologies where quantitative models are built and used to facilitate the decision-making process.

In addition, the courses in this concentration are designed to offer a fine balance between depth and breadth, relevance and rigor, and critical and analytical thinking. Quantitative skills are valuable in corporate management, investment banking, consulting, information technology, finance, economics, and marketing spheres.

Course Spotlight

QTM 3615 – Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

A Babson course always finds practical applications for the theoretical. This course is no different, as you analyze time series data in the context of various real-life forecasting situations such as banking, healthcare, sports, and global warming. You gain practical experience with time series data and get comfortable predicting future outcomes, comparing alternative models, and communicating your results and suggestions clearly. 

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