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Graduate Health & Wellness at Babson

To be an entrepreneurial leader, you will need to care for yourself as a whole person. This includes your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social health. Babson offers a range of on-campus and off-campus graduate health and wellness services to help you maintain balance in your life.

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Are you an admitted student? On the Health Services website, you will find information about your insurance requirements, forms, and deadlines, contact information for our offices, and more about how our services support our students.

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Reward Yourself with Movement

What helps you decompress? Whether the answer is team sports, dance, running, swimming, or something else, you’ll find the opportunity here. There’s a real passion for sports and recreation at Babson—and in Boston. Learn more about Recreation and Club Sports.

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Religious and Spiritual Life

Feed Your Soul

Your religious and spiritual life are likely a key component to your health and wellness. Find opportunities to connect in meaningful ways and ponder life’s “big” questions in our welcoming multi faith community. Learn more about Religious and Spiritual Life at Babson.

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Babson Police with Roger the dog

Meet Roger

Community Resource Dog

Roger comforts students who may be dealing with anxiety or other mental health issues. He also provides bursts of joy when he strolls around campus to play with students and pose for photos.

Invest in Mental Health No Matter Where You Are

We all benefit when we make time to think about our mental health and emotional well-being. That’s why Babson provides free online mental health screenings and free guided meditation voicemails to all graduate students.

Counseling, Wellness, and Prevention

All Babson graduate students can request a health, wellness, and prevention program or training for individuals or student-run organizations or events. Full-time graduate students also have a range of counseling and psychological clinical services available. Learn about health and wellness activities for graduate students.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides free, confidential consultations and counseling for all full-time graduate Babson students who are located in the state of Massachusetts.

Counseling can help you work through all kinds of common issues, including homesickness and adjustment, feeling down or sad, grief and loss, race and identity-related concerns, relationship concerns, sexual and gender identity concerns, stress and anxiety, body image and food concerns, or anything else that might be weighing on your mind. CAPS can direct you to on-campus or off-campus resources.

At Babson, you have direct access to confidential, empowerment-based, trauma-informed intervention, support, and advocacy for the following issues:

  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Sexual assault response and prevention
  • Mental health
  • Sexual health

Make Time for Your Physical Health

As a full-time graduate student, you can access medical care through on-campus or off-campus providers. Health Services is here to help you maintain physical and emotional health with high-quality, comprehensive, accessible, and cost-effective medical care. Master’s or MBA health and wellness plays an important role in your success.

Ryan Travia
In order to do well, you must be well.
Ryan Travia, Ed.D.
Associate Vice President for Student Success

There is a team of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, a consulting physician, a nutritionist, and an office manager to help you. Nurse practitioners are licensed to diagnose and treat illnesses, prescribe medication, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and provide health counseling and education.

  • Diagnosis/evaluation and treatment of illnesses/injuries
  • Referrals to specialists and lab testing
  • Exams
  • Birth control counseling, emergency contraception, and pregnancy testing
  • COVID-19 testing
  • STD testing and treatment
  • Gender-affirming hormone support
  • Immunizations
  • Health and nutritional counseling

Access to Quality Health Insurance

The Student Health Insurance Plan for Babson students is underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield MA and managed by University Health Plans. This plan protects you against expensive illness and accidents, and can be a key component in your graduate health and wellness plan.

Massachusetts state law requires all students who are enrolled in 9 or more credits each semester to show proof that they have health insurance coverage from a U.S.-based company while they are attending college or university in Massachusetts. There also are coverage options for dependents. See more about Health Insurance.

Katia Santiago Taylor
Reach out and ask what services are available. Don’t silo yourself. We are committed to supporting you in your wellness, your health, and in your academics. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Katia Santiago-Taylor, M.S.
Director of Wellness & Prevention Services

Diverse and Personable Staff

Our health and wellness as individuals is a basic requirement for creating a supportive, collaborative, and entrepreneurial community. The on-campus staff listed here are just a component of the support you receive as a graduate student. Health and Wellness also can refer you to online and off-campus resources, so you get the exact kind of help you need.


Health Services

Ryan Travia

Ryan Travia, Ed.D.

Associate Vice President for Student Success

Favorite way to stay active and well: Playing with my kids, coaching my son’s baseball team, and walking to work.

Most important to personal self-care: Laughing often and remembering to breathe!

Counseling and Psychological Services

James Blue, Psy.D

Staff Psychologist

Favorite way to stay active and well: I enjoy lots of forms of exercise, and strength training is currently my favorite. I also enjoy playing pickup basketball—and anything that adds an element of competition is a plus. I enjoy the fitness center here.

Most important aspect of personal self-care: Staying connected to people I’m close with and investing time into those relationships.

Mebiulqui Eustate

Staff Clinician

Favorite way to stay active and well: I have a dance party each day of the week with my family. It keeps me active and grounded.

Most important aspect of personal self-care: I need and enjoy taking daily walks to refresh and reset.

Sarah Gilani, M.D.

Staff Psychiatrist

Favorite way to stay active and well: Spending time outdoors with my kids.

Favorite Babson resource for taking care of yourself: The inclusive college campus. I often bring my children to take walks around the campus and they truly enjoy it.

Jung-Yang Jeffrey Lin, Psy.D

Staff Psychologist

Favorite way to stay active and well: Physical activity. I enjoy going to the gym to lift, but also combat sports like Brazilian jiu jitsu. It is a great way to practice being present oriented and get a good sweat in.

Most important aspect of personal self-care: Prioritizing your needs in the constant demands of day-to-day life. That is why I really enjoy fishing, because it is something that gives me a sense of purpose and focus beyond what society deems as productive.

Alison Markson, LICSW, Psy.D

Director of Counseling and Psychological Services

Favorite way to stay active and well: I enjoy time outside, taking a walk or gardening or doing yoga.

Most important aspect of personal self-care: Time with family and loved ones, and taking time to notice the everyday good things around me, whether it is a good meal, reading, or listening to some Coleman Hawkins or other jazz favorites. I also enjoy learning to do DIY furniture refinishing and cooking.

Cindy Tang

Staff Clinician

Favorite way to stay active and well: To be engaged creatively. For example, I enjoy visiting museums, watching documentaries or intriguing shows, learning a new hobby such as ceramics or cross-stitching, or immersing myself into a fun game with friends.

Most important aspect of personal self-care: A sense of balance and the essence of rest, whether it’s resting physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Health Services

Karla Hoxha Brown

Nurse Practitioner

Favorite way to stay active and well: Taking long walks or hikes outdoors, and practicing yoga.

Most important aspect of personal self-care: A good night’s sleep.

Colman Lydon

Office Manager

Favorite way to stay active and well: Keeping in touch with my friends and family. Especially in the last couple years, it has been good to keep in touch with people close to me, even if through a computer screen.

Most important aspect of personal self-care: Advocating for myself. It can be difficult at times, but in the long run it has always been beneficial.

Polly McCabe P’20, MSN, APRN-BC, FNP

Director of Health Services

Favorite way to stay active and well: I just love to be outdoors walking, hiking, and gardening during the warmer months and skiing or snowshoeing in the wintertime. All activities are much more fun with family, friends, and my dogs.

Favorite Babson resource for taking care of yourself: This is a hard question because there are many great resources. I love having access to the gym. The campus itself is a gorgeous location for a walk or run … hills, woods, sidewalks. One of my favorite silly little resources is the water bubbler with the hot water tap. I am a big, big, big-time hot tea drinker, and a cuppa in the middle of the day is just perfect.

Helena Stacey, BSN, RN, CPN

Triage Nurse

Favorite way to stay active and well: During the work day and when the weather is nice, I will walk throughout the Babson campus on my lunch break. It helps me clear my mind and take a breather from my very busy work day. Also, walking my dog after work.

Favorite Babson resource for taking care of yourself: Well Beats—online virtual classes (yoga, meditation, chair exercises).

Wellness and Prevention Services

Katia Santiago Taylor

Katia Santiago-Taylor, M.S.

Director of Wellness & Prevention Services

Favorite way to stay active and well: I feel better if I start my day with exercise. I enjoy boot camp classes, Peloton rides, and yoga. I also enjoy going for walks with my kids and joining them in the various games they like to play, like four square or wall-ball.

Most important to your personal self-care: For me, self-care goes beyond eating healthy, sleeping, and exercising. What is most essential for me is to set boundaries. I set time aside to read, reflect on how I am doing, and sometimes do nothing but sit on the couch.

Kathleen Purple

Administrative Coordinator

Favorite way to stay active and well: The campus grounds are a beautiful sight to take in while going on a walk for some exercise and a pause from technology.

Favorite Babson resource for taking care of yourself: Roger the Community Resource Dog!

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