Computational & Mathematical Finance

The computational and mathematical finance concentration combines financial theory with a solid grounding in quantitative methods, as you model and analyze the complexity of financial decisions under uncertainty.

It’s a great path for those interested in investment banking, commercial banking, corporate finance consulting, and strategic planning.

This concentration blends the best of Babson’s curriculum, with strong foundations in the business world, math, and the liberal arts and sciences. Advanced finance courses are designed to provide in-depth knowledge of financial markets and instruments, while the advanced math and science courses emphasize mathematical derivations, rigorous analytical thinking, and the use of statistical, simulation, and optimization software tools.

Course Spotlight

QTM 3635 – Quantitative Methods for Machine Learning

Today, businesses know to remain competitive, they have to use advanced analytic tools in their decision-making process. In this course, you work with unstructured data and work with tools like random forests and artificial neural networks. You even get a chance to build out your coding skills, so you don’t just understand the data but you understand the technology you are using.

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Faculty Contacts: Richard Bliss and Dessislava Pachamanova
Sponsoring Divisions: Finance and Mathematics, Analytics, Science, and Technology

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