Babson Faculty Research Fund

Who Are We?

The mandate of the Babson Faculty Research Fund (BFRF) is to encourage and support a variety of thought leadership and research activities, with the following objectives paramount:

  • to sustain, enhance, and renew the intellectual vitality of faculty by supporting the building of intellectual capital through meritorious research;
  • and to increase the public visibility and academic reputation of the College and its faculty, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The Babson Faculty Research Fund is here to serve faculty members in all stages of their research activities. The BFRF, through a competitive process, provides financial support for meritorious faculty research projects.

In addition to supporting individual faculty research projects, the BFRF engages in other activities throughout the year to keep the Babson faculty and staff informed about ongoing research, faculty research publications and presentations, and funding opportunities. The BFRF sponsors programs that feature faculty research presentations and has an annual Research Day.

Faculty Portal

All Babson faculty please go to the Babson Faculty Research Fund page on the Faculty Portal with detailed information about funds available, application deadlines, and ongoing programing.

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