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A Local Campus, A Global Viewpoint

In an increasingly global business world, we at Babson believe it’s important to have a student population that reflects international diversity. Our international students come to Babson from around the world and make up about one-fourth of the undergraduate class. They are an integral part of the Babson community.


countries with Babson alumni


of undergraduate class is international (Fall 2023)


countries represented in the Babson Undergraduate Class (Fall 2023)


Safest College Town in America

–, 2024

Global entrepreneurship is in everything we do. The Babson College undergraduate curriculum focuses on the business fundamentals mixed with the liberal arts and sciences. That’s because we want our students to not only have the skills and passion to excel in their professional lives but to have the understanding and curiosity to challenge themselves and potentially change the world in the process.

A Babson degree is your chance to make your dreams come true.

I was searching for colleges that are connected with my passion. Liberia is a country that has a problem with food insecurity, waste management, and many of the other global issues. Babson is a place where I can study environmental sustainability, with a focus on business and entrepreneurship, so that I can solve the problem in my country and worldwide.” 

Jel Luma '25
from Brewerville City, Liberia

How We Support Our International Students

New country, no problem. International students at Babson are supported from day one on campus by the entire community, as we want to ensure you have the resources to thrive in your new environment. Support to us means our students are equipped and empowered to seek out the help they need.

The Glavin Office of International Education will be one of your first touchpoints with Babson. The Glavin Office supports our international students as they arrive on campus and our entire student body as they engage in many of our global learning opportunities.

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS), part of the Glavin Office, is a central resource for you as you adjust to life in the U.S. They can answer questions and help with matters regarding your immigration status, U.S. visa, travel to the U.S., how to obtain U.S. work authorization, and beyond. They provide an overview of the most important information to keep in mind as an international student in the U.S. and collaborate with other offices across campus for programming and events throughout the year.

We Have Your Back

Your overall well-being is crucial to your college experience, and we know every student’s adjustment to college and being away from home is different. Your health is a priority for you, your family, and for us. We offer a broad range of services for your physical and mental health and wellness, stress and anxiety, and spirituality.

The best part is we also offer services right on campus, so you don’t have to go far to get the care you need. We offer safe housing, dining options from morning to evening, and accessible facilities so you can study and learn. There are emergency lines for our public safety office, which offers a safe-ride program, and health services, as well as for sexual assault prevention and response services, too.

Financial Aid

Have financial aid questions? Visit our financial aid page and reach out to the Student Financial Services at +1 781-239-4219 or

Your Career Path Is Your Own

We have alumni in more than 125 countries in fields from accounting to law to the creative arts. Of the Class of 2021, 99.5% of them were employed or continuing their education six months after graduation—a direct result of the adaptability of our curriculum, the aptitude of our students, and the career resources Babson provides.

We want you to be part of that percentage.

Our students start their own businesses, go to graduate school, are getting their footing in the corporate world, and even joining their family businesses. The Hoffman Family Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD) is here to guide you through your professional journey as you navigate what interests you. They offer peer advising, career fairs, networking opportunities, workshops, and help editing resumes and preparing for interviews, among other services that are designed so you can take the wheel and run.

I was looking for a school where I could apply what I learn in the classroom directly to my business—a college that would push me academically and reinforce what was happening in real life. At Babson, I can learn the coursework today and apply it to my business tomorrow.”

Richard dos Santos '25
from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Connection Across Campus and Beyond

The college experience is not just going to class. It’s about being part of a community. We have over 100 campus clubs and organizations where you can make friends, play a sport, express your creativity, and build up your confidence and skills (and have tons of fun!).

We encourage our students to pursue student leadership positions outside the classroom, as Babson students thrive in these types of environments. Whether that’s serving as the president of a club, becoming a Resident Assistant (RA) in our residence halls, being a peer advisor for young students, or helping out as an admission ambassador, we have opportunities that directly relate to your goals and interests.

We also have various groups designed to bring together like-minded students and allies to express their cultural identities and faith. Specifically, our culture and faith-based clubs include:

  • AMAN: South Asian Student Association
  • Babson Asian Pacific Student Association (BAPSA)
  • Babson Christian Fellowship
  • Babson Hillel
  • Babson Hindu Student Association
  • Babson Muslim Student Association
  • Babson Olin Catholic Association
  • Babson Pride Alliance
  • Black Student Union

You also may be interested in our Multicultural and Identity Programs, which is a collection of over 25 programs with more than 400 student participants focused on leadership and community-building. They are cohorts and events designed to support, advocate, and invest in our underrepresented student populations. You can email for more information on this program.

Minutes to City Life

It’s not just us! Our campus is only 10 miles from Boston—an area of over 4 million people that’s a connection point to other international universities, companies, and a thriving cultural scene. It’s also home to Logan International Airport and a public transit system that can take you all around New England, the United States, and beyond.

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