Justice, Citizenship, & Social Responsibility

Explore how individuals and communities construct and find meaning in the world around them.

The justice, citizenship, and social responsibility concentration gives you an understanding of how cultural and ethical structures are inherited, cultivated, and perpetuated locally and globally, and how they animate and orient human experience.

You take a broad range of courses in philosophy, anthropology, communications, history, political science, and law to learn about people as actors in a social environment. Having a knowledge base that’s so broad and insightful provides a foundation to build out a career path of your choice, with a keen eye for marketing, product and project management, and human resources.

Course Spotlight

HIS 4640 – Food and Civil Rights

Food is one of the most political aspects of society while being one of the most necessary for human life. And, how food is paid for, distributed, and also contributes to inequality remains one of the most important questions citizens must answer. Explore the role food plays in social movements from the 17th century to the American Civil Rights movements of the mid-1900s to current labor movements. 

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