The economics concentration builds on two business foundations classes all Babson undergraduates take for their degree: principles of microeconomics and principles of macroeconomics.

After you complete that sequence, you can focus your concentration on a subsection of economics, including macro-financial, international, and development.

You take courses on game theory, international trade policy, and how economics affects various social structures, such as education and the labor market. Each course is designed to build your knowledge and critical thinking skills. Economics students find opportunities in fields across the professional spectrum, including corporate strategy, finance, consulting, education, and wealth management.

Course Spotlight

ECN 3663 – Economics of Education

Education is one of the most vital societal goods, and it’s important to understand its mechanisms as debates about student loans, public funding, and access grow. This course explores how education plays a role in the development and well-being of individuals, communities, and nations, and how economic theories become a way to make strategic education decisions.

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