Teaching Innovation Fund

The Teaching Innovation Fund (TIF) exists to inspire and sustain high standards for developing and writing cases and teaching materials authored by faculty for The Babson Collection.

TIF provides funding to Babson faculty to encourage and facilitate the development of new and innovative world-class teaching materials written by educators from business and liberal arts. This includes but is not limited to new cases, teaching materials, videos, simulations, exercises, games, and multimedia curriculum units—any concrete materials used for teaching and replicable both inside and outside of Babson College.

The Purpose of the TIF Is to:

  • Keep Babson’s curriculum current, vibrant, and global.
  • Support projects that impact students and faculty at Babson, as well as in worldwide universities and colleges.
  • Publicize new pedagogical material across campus and provide opportunities for faculty to collaborate.
  • Increase the external visibility and innovative teaching reputation of the college.

The following is a list of TIF awards recently published in The Babson Collection. These teaching materials are available at Harvard Business Publishing and The Case Centre.

  • Sinan Erzurumlu, TOIM, “Preserve: Growing a Sustainable Consumer Goods Company”
  • Mark Potter, Finance, “Juliette’s Lemonade Stands”
  • Jennifer Ellis and Ruben Mancha, TOIM, “Sunnybee Case Series”
  • Katrin Fischer and Fritz Fleischmann, Arts & Humanities, “Powered by Magic: The Romance of Essex Farm”
  • Wendy Murphy and Kathy Kram, Management, “Building Your Developmental Network”
  • Lakshmi Balachandra and Donna Stoddard, Entrepreneurship, “Rahama Wright and Shea Yellen”
  • Cheryl Kirschner, Accounting & Law, “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble: One Compounding Pharmacy's Recipe for Steroids”
  • Julie Levinson, Arts & Humanities, “City as Text”
  • Dennis Ceru and Beth Goldstein, Entrepreneurship, “Chocolate Remedies: A Healthy Twist”
  • Chuck Winrich, Math & Science, “Planning a Service-Learning Trip”
  • Yunwei Gai, Economics, “Analyze Big Data Using SAS: An Interactive Goal-oriented Approach”
  • BESTSELLER: Gaurab Bhardwaj and Elizabeth Goldberg, Management, “Made by Survivors: Business Solution for a Social Problem”
  • BESTSELLER: Davit Khachatryan, Math & Science, “Fargo Health Group: Managing the Demand for Medical Examinations Using Predictive Analytics”
  • BESTSELLER: Davit Khachatryan, Math & Science, “Amarcord Incorporated: Combatting Money-Laundering Using Data Analytics”
  • BESTSELLER: Davit Khachatryan, Math & Science, “Jenni Maze Limited: Enhancing Call Center Performance Using Predictive Analytics”
  • BESTSELLER: Ruth Gilleran and Erik Noyes, Entrepreneurship and TOIM, “MakerBot: Challenges in Building a New Industry”
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