McCullough Hall

Consisting of three separate, brick-faced, nonconnected buildings with three floors apiece, McCullough A, B, and C towers are located next to Pietz Hall and across from Putney Hall.

All three towers have the exact same floor plan: each of the three towers features six-person, suite-style living where each suite area contains one common living area and kitchen as well as six individual bedrooms within the entire suite. All residents must be at least junior-class status in order to have the opportunity to live in any of the McCullough towers.

McCullough Hall is staffed by three resident assistants (RAs) and an area coordinator who oversees the day-to-day operation of the residence hall and provides direct supervision to their RA staff.

Area Coordinator: Sarah Perrin

McCullough Hall exterior

Room and Hall Features

2023–24 Room Rates: $6,857 per semester
Number of Floors: 3​ floors per tower
Room Types: Single (6 single rooms per suite). Room layouts and square footage will vary.
Eligibility Requirements: Class Status of junior or senior.
Furniture: Loftable bed (extra-long twin), dresser, desk, desk chair, bookshelf, closet/wardrobe, blinds/shade, trash can, recycling bin
Gender: Gender specific by bedroom within suite; suites can be mixed gender
Bathrooms: Bathroom located in each suite (showers, toilets, sinks)
Carpet: No
Building and Room Access: Babson College ID card to access building and room key to access room. Residents must sign for the room key upon arrival on campus.
Lounge(s): No
Lounge Television(s): No
Trash/Recycling Room: Residents are responsible for disposing of all personal trash and recycling in the receptacles provided in the suite bathroom. ​​​​​​
Location: Campus Map

  • Air Conditioned
  • Grill
  • Meal Plan Required
  • Vending Machine
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