Environmental Sustainability

The environmental sustainability concentration is a study of how sustainability has become a primary driver for innovation and business success as supply chains became more transparent over the last few decades.

It’s vital that all entrepreneurs and young professionals, whatever the field, have a clear understanding of how business decisions affect the environment, natural resources, and future generations.

Take a course that covers the philosophical narratives of sustainability. Or, how climate change shapes national and global politics. Or, how it fits into critical race theory. You have the chance to take literature, marketing, and social science courses that deepen your understanding of the role business plays in protecting our planet.

Course Spotlight

ENV 4605 – Global Environmental Activism

Across the globe, activism groups and activists are using local tools and their platform to raise awareness of environmental concerns. This course explores how that environmental activism comes to be and is challenged and supported in various regions. You analyze case studies about when policy, corporations, and activism collide, including Shell in Nigeria’s Niger Delta, Tahoe Resources in the Guatemalan town of Mataquescuintla, and Coca-Cola in India.

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