January Admitted Students

What to Know About January Admission

Congratulations! We can’t wait for you to join us at Babson as part of our vibrant, invigorating campus. While it might feel more common to begin your college experience in the fall, Babson welcomes 100 new students in January.

So What Does This Mean?

It means you’re #BabsonBound! Besides your start date, everything about your Babson experience remains the same. You will have the same experiences, resources, and support as those who begin in the fall. It’s time to get excited!

Portrait of Zarin Rahman outside

“I was concerned about finding a good circle or a community. Babson helped with this because of its smaller size and extracurricular clubs. Babson does a great job of making events and helping people integrate into campus life. I have found a good circle of friends and found myself integrated into campus life even though it was a concern the first semester.”

Zarin Rahman ’26

January Admission At A Glance

Will I Be Behind When I Arrive?

Absolutely not.

When Is Orientation?

Your orientation is in January, right before classes start.

Do I Still Take FME?

Yes! And you have two ways to fulfill that requirement. 

When Will I Graduate?

You are the Babson Class of 2028 through and through! You can stay a December grad or work with your advisor to graduate in May.

Do I Live on Campus?

Yes, first-year students are required to live on campus. Placements will be with another new arrival or with a student who has been on, or is returning to, campus.

What Do I Do in the Summer and Fall?

Whatever you want! Students work, decompress, start businesses, travel, pursue hobbies, and spend time with loved ones.

More info below in the Frequently Asked Questions section

Advice from Fellow Students Admitted in January

We know you have questions about the January admission process. We asked students who where admitted to Babson in January to share their advice to the incoming cohort.

Portrait of Eva Burgess

Trust the Path Babson Leads You On

Eva Burgess ’25

“You have a significant amount of time to just relax and think about what you want to do. There was a lot of pressure for me coming in. There were students who were already getting internships and people were deep in FME. But, I don’t think not having an internship my first year or being on that trajectory initially has harmed me in any way. It’s OK to just go with the flow and take the path Babson is leading you on!”

Milind Macedo ’25

Just Start a Conversation

Milind Macedo ’25

“Get involved and be excited to meet people. Whether it’s schoolwork, coursework, a club, or something else, get involved. Just working on the most boring assignment and bonding on how tough it is, you can make a lot of friendships based on that. Just start a conversation.”

Portrait of Elena Yang

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Elena Yang ’26

“Step outside of your comfort zone, especially when meeting people. You are a January admit, but it doesn’t have to be your identity. Other students and faculty want to know you as you, not just as part of a cohort. Feeling out of place as a January admit will not be on your mind forever. Also, plan what you want to do with the fall before coming to Babson.”

Aryan Mankar ’25

Join New Clubs and Organizations

Aryan Mankar ’25

“Enjoy academics, but also join new clubs and organizations because you’re just getting started. Try out as many new things as possible. When you come back for your second semester, have an idea of what you really want to commit to. For me, that includes playing rugby and being part of the new Herring Family Entrepreneurial Leadership Village.”

Mark your calendars for orientation!

Mark your calendars for orientation! The January Admission orientation is in January right before classes start. Watch out for an email with further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why January Admission?

Babson deeply values the residential learning experience for new college students. The dynamic nature of learning at Babson, with options for education abroad, semester-long internships, and accelerated graduation, opens up space in our residence halls that provide us with the opportunity to admit talented students to join our community. January Admission brings approximately 100 new students to campus in the spring semester with unique, extended experiences after high school who add to the excitement and energy to our community.

What do students admitted to Babson for January do in the fall (before they start at Babson)?

A wide range of things. Some students admitted in January work to save money and then travel. Others pursue service opportunities or internships. The following is a short sampling of some activities pursued by students recently admitted for January:

  • Learned Swift computer programming language to build iOS apps
  • Interned in an Accounting Department
  • Enrolled in two classes as a non-degree-seeking student
  • Interned at a hedge fund
  • Participated in a self-organized foreign exchange with my friend from France
What courses do students starting in January take in their first semester at Babson?

Students starting in January will take the normal course load of all first semester students. A normal course load for a first semester student is 16 credits and they will take classes with all first-year classmates, choosing among core courses that include Financial Accounting, Business Law, Rhetoric, Quantitative Methods, and the Liberal Arts Foundation course. For more details on the curriculum, students are encouraged to check out the Babson Undergraduate Curriculum by Course (pdf) document. In addition, students are assigned a class dean who helps answer any questions they may have prior to course registration.

Do students admitted for January take Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME)?

Yes, students admitted for January still take FME – but there are two ways to fulfill the requirement. You can take the Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) course in the Fall and Spring semesters following the January you start at Babson. Or you can take two comparable courses in your first semester that cover the same academic content, Organizational Behavior and Foundations of Entrepreneurial Management. You are encouraged to take the option that fits your needs! (Note, FME is not offered in the summer session)

Can students starting in January be involved in clubs and organizations their first semester? How do they get into classes?

Yes - you the opportunity and are encouraged to get involved with clubs and organizations in their first semester. At the January Orientation program, students will be given all the information on how to get involved so you can assimilate quickly with the Babson community.

When do students admitted to January graduate?

Students enrolling in January will complete their education in December following 8 semesters of coursework. Students have the opportunity to accelerate their degree by attending the summer sessions and/or taking an additional course during the semester. Students can develop an individualized plan with their class dean once you arrive at Babson.

How does being admitted in January influence a student’s prospects for employment?

According to Babson’s Undergraduate Center for Career Development, there are advantages (from the job seeker’s perspective) to graduating in December. Many employers don’t operate on an academic calendar, and seek talented graduates earlier than commencement in May. Students admitted for January have the flexibility to start full-time work in January or wait until another start date throughout the year.

How long are students admitted for January required to live on campus?

January First Year students are required to live on campus for their first semester. Placements will be with another new arrival or with a student who has been on, or is returning to, campus.

Does indicating a preference for January increase the likelihood of admission?

No. The admissions committee strives for consistency in its assessment standards and a student’s preference is simply another piece of information for use by the admission staff.

Is being a admitted for January like being on the waiting list?

No. Being admitted in January is a full admission to the College community. We choose students for January Admission because we see in them students who will wisely use time between high school graduation and their studies at Babson. Students admitted in January tend to be highly energetic leaders in their school communities or students who have already sought unconventional and creative opportunities in their high school careers. These students typically come to Babson ready to “hit the ground running.”

What if I apply under one of the early decision plans? Do I have to come in January if I’m admitted for January?

For Early Decision applicants who are deferred to the Regular Decision applicant pool, it is possible that they will be offered January Admission even if they have not indicated that preference or willingness. In this case, admission is no longer binding and students are not required to attend Babson in the January term.

Do students apply for January Admission in a separate applicant pool?

No. Students admitted for January are chosen from the same applicant pool as September students and all students are notified of their admission at the same time. Students may indicate on their application materials their preference for starting in January, but this is ultimately a decision made by the Undergraduate Office of Admission. Some students who indicate an interest in September may be offered a place in our January class. Many applicants now tell us they’d prefer to be admitted for January and some even outline their plans for the fall in their applications.

Our list goes on and on.

Your next step is to get to know us even more. We are ready to answer all your questions about Babson.