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Explore Life’s Big Questions

Some of life’s biggest questions hit you hard in college: what do you want to do? Who do you want to become? You’ll have the space and the support to explore these questions through undergraduate religious and spiritual life programs and events.

Spirituality belongs at all times to all persons, whatever their race, position, or creed.
Roger Babson

On-Campus Religious & Spiritual Life

Religious literacy, social responsibility, soul care, interfaith, intercultural exchange—these are critical to not only your wellbeing but your growth as a human.

As an institution, Babson does not have any religious affiliation and welcomes all faiths, all cultures, and all traditions. Being surrounded by diverse religious cultures allows you to exchange ideas and develop interfaith relationships that enable you to appreciate religious tolerance and celebrate religious freedom. 

Along with our campus locations, Wellesley and surrounding cities and towns have places of worship not affiliated with Babson that span religions and denominations. We encourage all our students to seek out the spiritual support and community they need.

Glavin Family Chapel

Overlooking the woods around campus, the light-filled Glavin Family Chapel is the center of undergraduate religious and spiritual life at Babson. You’ll find quiet and calm within the chapel’s walls whether you want to practice your faith, seek inspiration and guidance, or find peace in the quiet of a sacred place.

Multifaith Programs & Events

On campus, you’ll find multifaith programs and events, spiritual guidance, faith formation, and leadership workshops that allow you to explore, grow, and support your faith and spiritual life.

All students are welcomed to join our interfaith services at the Glavin Chapel, including weekly meditation guidance and a weekly peace circle, an invitation for sacred pause and reflection. Peace circles are offered during times of crisis, for cultural and religious observances, and special events.

Breaking Bread is a Christian (Protestant) focus program that invites students to engage in conversations and activities around Christian values, Bible study and building community. Our Catholic community comes together for weekly Catholic Mass and rosary prayer, as well as worship nights. You also can join the Babson-Olin Catholic Association.

Each Friday, Babson’s Jewish community has the opportunity to participate in a Jewish ethics class, as well as to celebrate Shabbat with a service and dinner. You also can join the weekly Torah teaching, as well as Babson Chabad or Hillel student groups.

Join the weekly Muslim chivalry class followed by pizza with the Muslim chaplain, Bilal Mirza. You also can participate in the Quran circle and Jumu’ah prayers, both held weekly in the Glavin Chapel, or join the Muslim Student Association.

Babson’s Baccalaureate

A widely celebrated and essential part of Commencement around the world, Baccalaureate is a celebration of lives dedicated to learning and wisdom. The name, baccalaureate, derives from a medieval European custom, where bachelor (bacca) degree candidates were presented with laurels (lauri). 

Babson’s Baccalaureate is a multifaith service that reflects on the academic, personal, religious, and spiritual journeys of students who have completed their academic journeys. 

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Talk with a Chaplain

Sometimes, you just need someone to hear you out. Chaplains serve the entire Babson community, regardless of faith. The Babson team includes Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, and Protestant chaplains, all providing space for interfaith discussion with a focus on strengthening faith and addressing current social and religious challenges in the world.

They are all Confidential Resources, which means your conversations with them are confidential. Some of the reasons students have conversations with chaplains include:

  • Spiritual Guidance and Direction
  • Faith, Religious, and Moral Questions
  • Deeper Understanding of Sacred Texts
  • Identity
  • Relationships
  • Pastoral Counseling and Crisis
  • Dealing with Transitions and Unexpected Events

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