Evaluation Criteria

At Babson, we look for students who will succeed in our rigorous academic environment, while nurturing and pursuing their passions outside the classroom. Check out the profile for the class of 2025. Read about our updated testing policies. And, learn more about the evaluation criteria that we use to make admission decisions.

The Holistic Approach You Deserve

All applicants are considered in a contextual and holistic way. While the greatest focus is placed on your four-year performance, we also look at your, optional standardized test scores, and leadership, creativity, and enthusiasm. Other factors include:

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Academic Motivation

Interest in learning and a willingness to challenge oneself

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Academic Performance

On average, admitted students had high school grades between A- and B+

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Involvement in activities and/or work experience

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Rigor of Coursework

Successful completion of accelerated coursework, honors, or AP/International Baccalaureate credit

Additional Evaluation Criteria Information

If you are applying to Babson, you are among top-notch students and driven peers. You have carried four to five courses per year in English, mathematics, social science, laboratory science, and foreign language. And you have taken mathematics through pre-calculus.

Students who attend Babson will be required to submit a final high school transcript, GED, or equivalent, indicating successful completion of high school in good academic standing. Babson College reserves the right to rescind an offer of admission—read our policy here.

Interviews with an admission counselor or student admission fellow are available but not required.

Rigorous Academics

Choose from more than 20 concentrations and create flexible learning experiences focused on addressing tomorrow’s problems today. Connect with your professors—100% of courses are taught by professors (zero teaching assistants). And, dive into Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME), where you’ll create and run a business of your own in your first year.

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Create Your Own Path to Success

Experience Babson’s new curriculum—integrating disciplines across programs and balancing action with experimentation, creativity, and sustainability. You’ll gain a well-balanced college education that aligns with your career aspirations.

Learn More About the Curriculum

Test-Optional Policy For First-Year Applicants

Due to the complexities of COVID-19, Babson College is allowing all prospective students to apply with or without standardized test results. It's your choice.

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