Reduced Course Load Policy

We know your academic and personal success is a part of your overall well-being, and we aim to provide options that support you as an overall person.

There may be a time in your Babson education where you need to take a reduced course load. The College provides temporary options depending on the reason and need for the reduced course load.

How to Submit a Request for a Reduced Course Load

To enroll in fewer than 12 credits, you must submit a formal request no fewer than 72 hours before the end of the add/drop period for the semester. You can view those dates on the Academic Calendar.

The forms can be found on the Student Hub.

Please note, students who enroll in 12 credits will be charged at the per credit rate. If a student enrolls in any number of credits greater than 12, up to and including 18 credits, they will be charged flat-rate tuition.

If you wish to take fewer than 16 credits, but at least 12 credits in a given semester, it is recommended you discuss the implications with your student success advisor. It is not necessary to submit a formal request in this case.

International Student Considerations

To begin this process, international students should consult with an international student advisor in the Glavin Office of International Education. International students in F-1/J-1 immigration status must remain enrolled in at least 12 credits per semester.

Reduced Course Load Qualifications

Students who wish to take fewer than 12 credits in a given semester may be approved to pay tuition at the per-credit rate in any of the circumstances described below:

Per the Family and Medical Leave Act, you also may be granted a tuition adjustment for enrollment in less than a full course load as deemed appropriate by the College for any of the following reasons:

  • To care for a child within one year of birth, adoption, or the initiation of foster care; and/or
  • To care for a child, spouse, partner, or parent with a serious health condition
  • For personal reasons such as work opportunities or family obligations

You will want to consult with your advisor to answer any questions about the process before pursuing a reduced course load.