The Management Division offers courses in three broad management areas - Strategic Management, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, and Managerial Communication, including a mix of required core courses and elective courses in a variety of teaching formats.

Required Core Courses

For descriptions of required core courses, please go to the respective curriculum page for your program of interest:

Elective Courses

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Undergraduate Concentrations

The Management Division sponsors two undergraduate concentrations, though many elective courses from the division are part of other concentrations. Each concentration requires 4 elective courses, chosen from a prescribed list:

  • The Strategic Management concentration focuses primarily on business strategy formulation and implementation, especially in global contexts. Alia Crocker is the faculty advisor for this concentration.
  • The Leadership concentration focuses primarily on developing the skills to inspire, motivate, and influence individuals and teams for success. James Hunt is the faculty advisor for this concentration.

Graduate Concentrations

While the Management Division doesn’t sponsor a graduate concentration, we are a major part of the Global Management Concentration, designed to help students develop a global, entrepreneurial mindset. Sam Hariharan is the faculty advisor for this concentration.

Special Leadership Programs

The Management Division is the home for the Management Consulting Field Experience, an experiential program where undergraduates and MBA students learn how to provide impactful consulting to real organizations.

We also lead the Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program, a unique experience for undergraduates where real managers observe and provide one-on-one coaching and feedback to individual students on key managerial competencies.

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