Research and Publications

Babson College encourages and supports a variety of thought leadership and research activities to increase the public visibility and academic reputation of the College and its faculty, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Below is a sampling of published research, working papers and areas of research being pursued by the Babson College finance division faculty.

Chava, S., Oettl, A., Manpreet, S., Zeng, L., (2024). Creative Destruction? Impact of E-Commerce on the Retail SectorManagement Science, 70(4), 2168-2187.

Gilje, E.P., Taillard, J.P., Zeng, L., (2024). Human Capital Reallocation Across Firms: Evidence from Idiosyncratic Shocks, Review of Corporate Finance Studies, forthcoming.


Menkveld, A.J., […], Davies, R.J., et al., (2023). Non-Standard Errors.  Journal of Finance, forthcoming. 

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Chava, S., Ganduri, R., Paradkar, N., Zeng, L., (2023). Shocked by Bank Funding Shocks: Evidence from Consumer Credit Cards, The Review of Financial Studies, 36, (10), 3906-3952 .                         


Restrepo, F., Taillard, J.P., (2022). Private Firms’ Incentives and Opportunities to Manage Earnings: Evidence from the use of Inflation AdjustmentsJournal of Business, Finance, and Accounting, 49(1,2), 69-110.

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Goldstein, M.A., Lynch, A.H., Norchi, C.H., (2022). Conflict’s impact raises costs for Arctic shipping and the climate. Nature, 606,250.


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Bailey, D.A., Goldstein, M.A., Li, X., Lynch, A.H., Stephenson, S.R., Veland, S., (2021). Arctic shipping guidance from the CMIP6 ensemble on operational and infrastructural timescales.Climatic Change, 167(23). 

Hao, J., Zheng, K., (2021). Effect of the Equity Capital Ratio on the Relationship between Competition and Bank Risk-taking Behavior. The Review of Corporate Finance Studies, 10(4), 813–855. 

Fabisik, K., Fahlenbrach, R., Stulz, R., Taillard, J.P.(2021). Why are Firms with more Managerial Ownership Worth Less? Journal of Financial Economics, 140(3), 699-725.


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Hasanhodzic, J. (2020). Simulating the Blanchard Conjecture in a Multi-Period Life-Cycle ModelAEA, Papers & Proceedings, 110, 149-51.

Stein, L.C.D., Yannelis, C. (2020). Financial Inclusion, Human Capital, and Wealth Accumulation: Evidence from the Freedman’s Savings Bank. Review of Financial Studies, 33(11), 5333-5377.

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Hasanhodzic, J., Lo, A.W. (2019). On Black's Leverage Effect in Firms With No Leverage. Journal of Portfolio Management, 46(1), 102-122.

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Goldstein, M.A., Haghdadi, N., Ma, S., MacGill, I., Pitman, A.J., (2017). Pricing the urban cooling benefits of solar panel deployment in Sydney, AustraliaScientific Reports 7(43938).  

Goldstein, M.A., Parr, C., Sturm, M. (2017). Water and life from snow: A trillion dollar science questionWater Resources Research 53(5), 3534–3544.

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Gilje, E.P., Taillard, J.P. (2016). Do Private Firms Invest Differently than Public Firms? Taking Cues from the Natural Gas IndustryJournal of Finance 71(4), 1733-1778.

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Harris, L., Kyle, A.S., Sirri, E.R. (2015). Statement of the Financial Economists Roundtable, April 2015: The Structure of Trading in Bond Markets. Financial Analysts Journal 71(6), 4.

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