Creativity Contest

The 2024 MLK Legacy Day celebration also includes the annual creativity contest.

Babson’s Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Day celebration will occur on Thursday, February 15, 2024. It will feature a keynote address by Wes Woodson, professional speaker, mental health speaker, and author of "I Have Anxiety (So What?)"

This year’s celebration also includes a creativity contest.  We invite current graduate and undergraduate students to submit creative works in response to one of the following prompts based on Wes Woodson’s important work. Your creative work may take the form of a non-fiction essay, sculpture, poem, short story, painting, photograph, or spoken word performance, or other creative form.  

Winners of this creativity contest were announced during a celebration on February 16, 2024 and are listed below. They were asked to respond to one of the prompts listed below in the medium of their choice.

1st – “Wearing Your Privilege” - By: Alyssa Keith

2nd – “Voices of the Unheard” – By: Kaif Bailey

3rd – “Spotlight” – By: Zoe Pulido


1. Career of Humanity

Wes’s book chronicles his journey to self-empowerment. Still, beyond helping himself, this book became a rescue buoy for many young adults drowning in the hidden space of mental health diagnosis. His work has been a beacon for how one person can take the courageous step of helping other people through transparency and vulnerability and tapping into their humanity. 

How can the things that challenge us be used as a vehicle to create change?

2. hidden

Wes created a clothing line called HIDDEN to destigmatize the conversations about mental health. The imagery and boldness of his clothing line sparked conversation in some unlikely spaces and gave voice to those who had often felt invisible.

In what ways has the courage of others to speak up inspired you and how can we work to amplify the voices of people who may be marginalized in our society? 


Co-winners: Madison Spence and Skylar Jackenthal


First Place: Xiomara Kelly ’21
Second Place: Skylar Jackenthal ’23
Third Place: Gioia de la Feld ’21


First Place: Gioia de la Feld ’21
Second Place: Melissa Denizard ’20
Third Place: Wes Woodson ’20


First Place: Gioia de la Feld ’21
Second Place: Melissa Denizard ’20
Third Place: Aswini Melekote ’19


First Place: Melissa Denizard ’20
Second Place: NiaChloe Bowman ’19
Third Place: Temilayo Awefeso ’20


First Place: NiaChloe Bowman ’19
Second Place: Yulkendy Valdez ’17
Third Place: Salome Mosehle ’18


First Place: Chi Obasi ’16
Second Place: Bradley Darling ’18
Third Place: Savannah Carlin ’17


First Place: Emily Purdom ’18
Second Place: Leinado Marte ’18
Third Place: Bradley Darling ’18


First Place: Evan DeBaise ’14
Second Place: Chi Obasi ’16
Third Place: Yulkendy Valdez ’17


Creativity Contest
First Place: Juan Martinez ’15
Second Place: Manuel Paredes ’14
Speech Contest
Kadia Tubman ’13


Creativity Contest
First Place: Ali Khan ’14
Second Place: Cathy Bao ’12
Speech Contest
First Place: Christian Lewis ’13
Second Place: Kate Anderson ’14


Creativity Contest
First Place: Marie Pierre ’12
Second Place: Mercedes Ercarnation-Mandes ’12
Speech Contest
First Place: Kadia Tubman ’13
Second Place: Nohely Artega ’11


Creativity Contest
First Place: Mona Gimenez ’11
Second Place: Jamaal Eversley ’10
Speech Contest
First Place: Kadia Tubman ’13
Second Place: Robin Lee Allen ’11


Creativity Contest
Tied for First Place:
Marie Pierre ’12 and Brandon Lane ’10
Speech Contest
First Place: Rayshawn Whitford ’12
Second Place: Aaron Hartman ’09


Creativity Contest
First Place: Obenewaa Boakye ’11
Second Place: Shaina Silva ’08
Speech Contest
First Place: Sarah English ’08
Second Place: Sterling Charles ’08
Third Place: Tommy Wenzlau ’10


Speech Contest
First Place: Sarah English ’08
Second Place: Asad Rahim ’07


Speech Contest
Alvin Wade ’07
Maxwell Owen ’09


Speech Contest
Anand Dholakia M’05
Barbara Wong ’05


Speech Contest
Jason Bedrick ’05
Jason Clinkscales ’04

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