Services Provided

The office of Corporate and Foundation Relations assists faculty and staff with requesting and winning external grants to support research, projects, and programs.

Additional services provided include:

  • searches for funding prospects
  • assistance with proposal and budget preparation
  • assurance of compliance with governmental and institutional regulations
  • transmittal of proposals to funding agencies

There are a number of additional ways in which the Corporate and Foundation Relations office facilitates the submission of proposals. In many cases, the grantor wants institutional documentation that faculty may not have on hand. The Corporate and Foundation Relations office maintains up-to-date institutional tax statements, board lists, financial statements, etc. to make sure that all can be quickly added to your grant proposal.

To ensure that all proposals and grants meet with the compliance policies of Babson and the external funder, the Corporate and Foundatoin Relations office must be involved in the preparation of all proposals where the funding will be presented to Babson College as the fiscal agent, or where Babson College resources will be utilized. In these circumstances, the Corporate and Foundation Relations office and faculty member(s) will help manage the requests to private sources, including businesses and foundations, as well as to federal and state agencies and to scholarly associations.

Institutional proposals must be approved by several administrative offices on campus, including Budget and Financial Services, Provost, and/or the President, and the Corporate and Foundation Relations office will help make this process run smoothly. The Corporate and Foundation Relations office ensures a coordinated approach to prior and potential donors. Working with the Corporate and Foundation Relations office helps Babson maintain a positive relationship with its supporters by permitting the College to have up-to-date information on all current grants and applications. This enhances the chances of new projects and programs getting funded and ensures that there are not multiple proposals being submitted to the same funding source.

Your assistance and cooperation helps the Corporate and Foundation Relations office keep track of the prospects that have been approached and their funding preferences.

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