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Babson Collaborative—Entrepreneurship Education Membership Organization

The Babson Academy’s Babson Collaborative for Entrepreneurship Education is a global entrepreneurship education membership organization connecting universities around the world that are building and expanding their entrepreneurship ecosystems. Get access to pedagogical best practices and thought leadership from Babson College and a network of like-minded global peers from other member institutions.


Member Institutions



Institutions acting together achieve more toward their entrepreneurial mission and goals than each working alone. Our members are institutions of higher education around the world, including large universities, business and engineering schools, liberal arts schools, and community colleges. We also welcome institutions with entrepreneurship majors, minors, and/or cocurricular entrepreneurship offerings.

Almaty Management UniversityCircle of Influence Member
American University of AfghanistanCircle of Influence Member
American University of the Middle East
ATLAS SkillTech University
Babson College
Bangkok University
Circle of Influence Member
Bennett University The Times Group
Dominican University of California
EAE Business SchoolCircle of Influence Member
EDC Paris Business School
EDEM Escuela de Empresarios
Circle of Influence Member
Fidélitas Universidad
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo
IÉSEG School of Management
John Carroll University
Lewis & Clark College
Link School of Business
Mahindra University
Prince Mohammad Bin Salman College of Business and EntrepreneurshipCircle of Influence Member
MCI The Entrepreneurial School
Nord UniversityCircle of Influence Member
ShanghaiTech University
Superior University
TBS Business School
Tecnológico de Monterrey
Circle of Influence Member
The American University in Cairo
Ulster University
Universidad Camilo José Cela
Universidad de Guadalajara
Circle of Influence Member
Universidad de PiuraCircle of Influence Member
Universidad del Desarrollo
Circle of Influence Member
Universidad del Rosario
Universidad Espíritu Santo
Universidad Siglo 21
Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja
Universitas Sumatera Utara
Universiti Brunei Darussalam
Université LavalCircle of Influence Member
Waseda University

Benefits of Joining the Babson Collaborative

Get support developing a world-renowned entrepreneurship ecosystem in this entrepreneurship education membership organization. Membership provides you with leading entrepreneurship education tools and resources to help advance your institution’s teaching methods, research, and consultancy capabilities. Collaborative membership includes access for as many educators as the institution wishes.

Rich Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Learn from Babson faculty and staff while developing and expanding your capacity for entrepreneurship education. Members from around the world exchange best practices and new research about the latest entrepreneurship education methods, cutting-edge thought leadership, and materials from fellow educators. Actionable programming throughout the year gives educators a steady stream of new tools, and the knowledge shared across the Collaborative community inspires new teaching methods and classroom techniques.

When an institution applies to join the Collaborative, they indicate goals for membership and a road map for how they hope to engage the Collaborative network, programs, and resources. The Babson Collaborative director and Babson Academy director of university relations conduct annual meetings with members to revisit goals, review progress, discuss new member benefits, and ensure you are maximizing your membership in the Collaborative.

Collaborative member institutions and individual faculty, staff, administrators, and students receive priority selection and discounts on select Babson Academy programs, including but not limited to the Price-Babson Symposium, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Babson Build, and the Babson Fellows Program.

Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Build a global network of educators that can be leveraged to advance your institution’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The Babson Collaborative Annual Global Summit brings together entrepreneurship educators from around the world to share best practices in pedagogy and advance thought leadership. Through professional development content, exposure to host school and local ecosystems, excursions, and networking, the summit empowers participants to help develop their institution’s entrepreneurship ecosystems. Registration, group meals, and group excursions are included with Collaborative membership. Attendance at the Global Summit is limited to three educators per institution (the hosting institution may invite up to 10).

The interaction with peers at the summit was amazing! I enjoyed every single session I was involved in, and I look forward to having it next year with our physical presence!
Fadia Al Hajj
Assistant Professor of Economics | American University of the Middle East (AUM) (Kuwait)
Collaborative member and Summit 2022 participant

The online platform for member engagement is The Collaborative Portal and The Collaborative WhatsApp Community. The Collaborative Portal houses an academic content library, webinars, member directory, newsletters, and detailed information on Collaborative events, opportunities, and special projects.

Knowledge as Power

Access an academic content library, webinars, member directory, newsletters, and information on Collaborative events and opportunities.

The Collaborative provides a platform for members to share research interests, access resources, and propose joint research projects. The Collaborative Research Group advances research on the topics that matter most to members, including entrepreneurial ecosystems, open innovation, and social entrepreneurship.

Collaborative webinars have many formats, including presentation, panels, and community conversation. Webinars, led by both Babson and member institution faculty, are recorded and posted, along with supplemental materials, to the Collaborative Member Portal.

Student Impact

In the annual Global Student Challenge, students from member institutions compete in a feasibility analysis of a new business concept that addresses one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Challenge is completed in two phases: a local university-based competition, followed by a global competition among the top-placing team(s) from each institution. Grand prize winners receive a scholarship to attend Babson Build and cash prizes sponsored by Social Impact Patrons.

BSCN is global student club for select student leaders from universities around the world that are members of the Babson Collaborative. Student ambassadors chosen to represent their school in BCSN will engage with a global network of peers, learn about entrepreneurship trends from market experts, and develop leadership skills while planning events for a broader student audience.

Babson Collaborative Receives International Award

Heiskell Award

Babson College has been awarded a 2022 IIE Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education in the category of Strategic Partnerships for the Babson Collaborative. The award from the Institute of International Education (IIE) recognizes the most innovative and successful models for developing and expanding international education in practice today.

What Babson Collaborative Members Think

The Babson Collaborative is a family that provides a safe and inspiring environment in order to engage entrepreneurship educators all over the world, share thoughts and best practices and build the entrepreneurship education ecosystem of the future.
Christina Theodoraki
TBS Education (France)
Collaborative member
I love the spirit and forward progress of the Collaborative. My team and I love how strong, vibrant, and engaged it is. It is also young, and there is so much potential it can realize. You have created an amazing and unique program that is unusual for higher ed. It has a generosity quality that you don’t often see.
Chrys Hutchings
Associate Director | Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership
Lewis & Clark College (USA)
Collaborative member and Summit 2022 participant

Collaborative Leadership Team

The Babson Collaborative Leadership Team is made up of representatives from Babson College and educators from Collaborative member institutions who wish to serve the Collaborative community at a higher level. All members believe in the power of entrepreneurship for positive change, and that institutions acting together achieve more than they do alone.

Babson College Leadership

Amir Reza

Amir Reza, PhD

Dean, Babson Academy & Global Education

Heidi Neck, Jeffry A. Timmons Professor of Entrepreneurship

Heidi Neck

Jeffry A. Timmons Professor of Entrepreneurship and Academic Director, Babson Academy

Jamie Kendrioski, Director, Babson Collaborative & Babson Build

Jamie Kendrioski

Director of the Babson Collaborative

Babson Collaborative Advisory Board

The Advisory Board members assist Babson College Leadership with annual goal setting and provide feedback and recommendations on proposed member benefits, member recognition, and member engagement. Through their expertise, experience, enthusiasm, and dedication to global engagement, board members exemplify the value and mission of the Babson Collaborative.

Servane Delanoë-Gueguen, PhD Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy, TBS Education, France

Servane Delanoë-Gueguen, PhD

Dean of Faculty, TBS Education, France

Marcelo Leporati, PhD Director of the Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department, EAE Business School, Spain

Marcelo Leporati, PhD

Associate Dean of International Relations and Research, EAE Business School, Spain

Iselin Kristine Mauseth Steira, PhD

Iselin Kristine Mauseth Steira, PhD

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Co-Director of the Engage Centre, Nord University, Norway

Carlos Varela

Carlos Varela

Director of Entrepreneurship and Public Responsibility Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile

Wutnipong Warakraisawad, PhD Dean, School of Entrepreneurship and Management, Bangkok University, Thailand

Wutnipong Warakraisawad, PhD

Dean, School of Entrepreneurship and Management, Bangkok University, Thailand

Ksenia Yuzhaninova Karadenizli

Ksenia Yuzhaninova Karadenizli

Executive Director of the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Almaty Management University, Kazakhstan

How to Join the Collaborative

To ensure the commitment and engagement of all members, there is an application process. All information submitted as part of the application process is treated confidentially.

Quarterly Application Deadlines: April 1, July 1, November 1

Designated Collaborative Champion

Each member school designates one person as its institutional champion. The Collaborative champion:

  • Has a passion for entrepreneurship
  • Understands and is accountable for successful development and implementation of their institution’s mission in entrepreneurship education
  • Is fluent in English
  • Knows how to secure funding for participation
  • Encourages engagement among their faculty, sharing news and updates
  • Commits to working closely with the Collaborative leadership team


Institutions are expected to maintain ongoing, meaningful, and active participation in the Collaborative, which includes sending at least one representative to the Collaborative annual global summit, held every March or April.

The three-year membership is $15,000 per year, billed annually in advance of the date on the agreement.

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Contact the Babson Academy with questions, ideas, and connections related to the Babson Collaborative. We love community building in the entrepreneurship education space.

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