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Mastering Generative AI in Your Business

June 4-18, 2024 (Registration is closed) Live Online

From Buzzword to Boardroom: Using Generative AI to Accelerate Growth

AI will not take your job A professional using AI, however, will take the job of someone NOT using AI. Generative AI is the single most transformative technology to affect knowledge workers in history. It is vital to learn artificial intelligence and its role in business, specifically how you can adopt AI for business practices, efficiencies, and ideas. 

Early adopters of AI for business have seen immense, well-documented improvements in productivity, quality of work, and job satisfaction across a wide range of functional roles and industries. Functions such as marketing, sales, customer support, finance, supply chain, product management, corporate IT, software development, and strategy are seeing significant impact across use cases from practitioners learning Generative AI.

In addition, because of Generative AI, white-collar professionals’ productivity is skyrocketing, from automated presentation development to creating high-quality first drafts of emails, meeting summaries, project plans, and operations reviews, as well as creating time-saving summaries of research reports, long articles, podcasts, and beyond. Our Generative AI program and artificial intelligence business course set you up to be the person who not only uses AI but thrives professionally from the skills and tools learning AI provides. 

Rapid Innovation Event Series

Mastering Artificial Intelligence in Business

Mike Grandinetti

October 11, 2023

What Will You Learn?

Are you ready to study AI in a practical way? Get a hands-on look behind the curtain at the technology that's driving businesses forward at lightning speed in this artificial intelligence program. Experience a wide variety of Generative AI applications in each AI course session, and work in small teams using Generative AI as the key enabling technology for completing the project. These hands-on AI business course skills will allow you to unlock the vast potential of AI to ensure your career continues to thrive in the digital age. 

Check out our online artificial intelligence program to start enhancing your career for the future. This AI course is for beginners, managers, executives, and learners with at least five years of experience.  

At A Glance

Next Date
June 4-18, 2024
Live Online
Duration/Time Commitment
3 Weeks; 4.5 Hours/plus pre-work each week

Future Dates: 

Coming Soon

Who Should Attend?

From Buzzword to Boardroom: Mastering Generative AI in your Business is designed for everyone:

  • Every industry and every functional role.
  • To create an environment of collegiality, we encourage those with at least five years of work experience to register.

This three-week online artificial intelligence program includes:

  • Self-paced pre-work
  • 3 live online sessions on consecutive Tuesdays (June 4, 11, and 18, from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET)
  • A total of 1.5 contact hours a week plus 1.5 hours of pre-work per week.
  • Pre-work/Program materials include pre-class reading, videos, presentations, case studies, articles, and assessment, blog posts and hyper-current podcast

Meet the Faculty

Mike Grandinetti

Mike Grandinetti

Industry Fellow, Babson Executive Education

Mike Grandinetti has been active in corporate innovation, venture capital, tech entrepreneurship, Generative AI for executives, and design continuously throughout his career. A former Silicon Valley engineer and McKinsey strategy consultant, he's best known as a successful serial tech entrepreneur, startup mentor, and award-winning innovation consultant to senior executives of major global companies. 

He was an early, pre-product team member and/or co-founder and chief experience officer of eight VC-backed enterprise tech startups. Two went public on the NASDAQ, and seven were subsequently acquired by large strategics. 

He teaches courses on innovation and entrepreneurship at the master's and executive education level at Harvard, Brown, MIT, Rutgers, and the University of California, Berkeley Engineering Leadership Professional Program for 20 years. He’s won numerous “professor of the year” and global teaching awards, and Financial Times once named him global professor of the week. His most recent case study was named one of three finalists in the Berkeley Haas Case Study Series Best Case of the Year in 2022. He was awarded an annual global Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) Innovation Award as part of a small team designing a new MBA curriculum.  

He's active in providing public thought leadership on Generative AI, giving keynotes, moderating panels, teaching machine learning courses, and hosting how to use AI in business webinars in the United States and Europe. He has led C-Suite and board-level workshops on learning Generative AI and integrating AI into strategy and operations across public companies in the healthcare delivery, health technology, and automotive fields in the United States, Europe, and India. He’s led hackathons on creating AI-based solutions in conjunction with IBM, Accenture, and other companies.  

He continues to support entrepreneurship at Babson. He has served on the Board of eTower, judged in Rocket Pitches, guest lectured in Executive Education courses, organized and led hackathons on campus, given talks on several subjects, including Generative AI, mentored countless students, and is a senior advisor to the CODE Club. 

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