Multicultural and Identity Programs (MIP)

At Babson College, ALL students are encouraged to not only explore and develop their own understanding of their intersecting identities but to also engage intentionally and curiously towards Babson’s diverse community.

The Office of Multicultural and Identity Programs (MIP) seeks to provide supportive, safe and brave spaces for all students, and especially students from historically marginalized communities. Through interpersonal engagement, leadership development, and community conversations, we aim to provide every student the skills to think critically, intersectionality, and intentionally.

Our office strives to ensure an inclusive Babson community that is welcoming, affirming and growth oriented for ALL students. Through our programming and events, we aim to:

  • Advocate and Affirm student's intersecting identities and experiences
  • Promote Awareness and Encourage action towards justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging
  • Educate through Collaborative programming with students and campus partners related, but not limited to race. ethnicity, gender identity and expression, religion, nationality, sexual/romantic orientation, socio-economic status, and ability
  • Amplify the voices and Create visibility of historically marginalized communities and experiences

Intercultural events and programs are essential to our Mission and Values. MIP hosts a variety of programs with the intent to contribute additional learning and educational opportunities to the Babson College student experience. 

There are several signature programs that MIP will host and collaborate with on a yearly basis. Check out some of our signature programming below!

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