Historical & Political Studies

The historical and political studies concentration focuses on the historical and political processes and patterns that structure the relationship between individuals and communities, and how those communities attempt to reconcile the claims of justice, power, liberty, and authority both historically and in contemporary public life.

It’s a broadly based concentration that shares the traditional aims of a liberal arts education while attempting to come to grips with the origins and contemporary manifestations of major political and social issues.

With that broad selection of liberal arts courses to choose from, you develop critical thinking and elocutionary skills that are especially necessary for careers in law, politics, and teaching, as well as graduate school.

Course Spotlight

GDR 4605 – Global Gender Politics

After you take a few intermediate liberal arts courses, you take more specialized, advanced courses to complement those learnings. In this course, you get a comprehensive understanding of gender in contemporary domestic and international politics through themes such as feminist theory, intersectionality, gender performance, comparative legal regimes, and the political economy of gender. You participate in class discussions and dive into case studies about gender and politics around the world.

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