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Babson Executive Education is offering individuals and companies in Asia online and custom programs that help drive growth and innovation. These programs help corporate leaders and entrepreneurs navigate today’s uncertainty by developing an entrepreneurial mindset that prepares professionals to address challenges and identify opportunities for growth.

Online Programs

Designing your Organization to Create Newstreams of Growth:
A Breakthrough Innovation Executive Seminar

Long term growth is not generated from new product design. It comes from strategic innovation - evolutionary, adjacent and breakthrough innovations that lead to whole new platforms of business. To accomplish this, companies cannot rely on individual inventors or one-off breakthroughs. They need to develop an intentional approach that builds the capacity for sustained innovation. This Innovation Executive Seminar is for senior executives who wish to secure their company's future by creating a management system that enables a portfolio of breakthrough opportunities to be cultivated despite the uncertainty that accompanies them. Gain the tools company leaders need to ensure your organization's current health while creating the new businesses that will fuel future growth.

Creating New Businesses in Mature Companies:
A Breakthrough Innovation Seminar for Project Team Leaders

Long term growth is not generated from new product design. It comes from strategic innovation—evolutionary, adjacent and breakthrough innovations that lead to whole new platforms of business. To accomplish this, companies cannot rely on project management processes that are used for new product development. They must provide the methods, coaching and career development employees need to create the company's Newstreams of business - those strategic innovations that step out of the mainstream or your core business - that will fuel future growth. This innovation seminar is for project team leaders who wish to create their company's future by developing the next strategic business for their company. Learn the tools needed to identify and incubate a portfolio of opportunities despite the uncertainty that accompanies them. Aid your team members in understanding how the company's Newstream creation activities and objectives complement and cooperate with the company's mainstream businesses.

G36 - Managing Troubled Companies: Innovation and Survival | Future Dates: TBD | Tuition fee: TBD

Very few firms are able to turnaround and succeed after a crisis like Covid19. An extensive study of nearly 4,700 publicly traded firms’ performances in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s recessions showed that 17% of the firms went bankrupt, acquired or went private. 80% of them never recovered to their original growth rates prior to the crises. Only a small number, about 9%, flourished very well and performed above their industry peers. The winners used innovation and re-invention strategies much different from those that did poorly. Behind each reinvention are strong entrepreneurial leaders who drove innovation and transformation. Innovative firms and entrepreneurial leaders become resourceful and overcome daunting challenges during downturns to not just survive but to create something new and to succeed in the turn-around following downturns. This is nothing new. History shows that crises and economic downturns are fertile grounds for creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial leadership. This program will help leaders to re-double their innovation efforts to change their competitive game in the market – short term and long term.

Resonant Leadership | Future Dates: TBD | Tuition fee: TBD

Over the last two decades, we have learned much about how to help adults change and develop in sustainable ways and what brings out the best in people in terms of human performance in the workplace and beyond. These empirical findings from converging disciplines such as organizational science, neuroscience, psychology, and social psychology are reshaping what we think about leadership and how best to develop leaders. Fortunately, these insights come at a time when the tolerance for and effectiveness of traditional approaches to leadership, even family leadership (e.g., compliance and transaction oriented styles), is rapidly waning. Traditional approaches to leading others are proving insufficient and ineffective over the long-term. In contrast, approaches that emphasize relational approaches to leading are replacing transactional and compliant oriented models of leadership. This leadership deep-dive explores the importance and impact of resonant leadership and prepares leaders with ability to understand, assess and begin to develop their own resonant leadership.

Entrepreneurial Marketing | Future Dates: TBD

Whether you’ve just launched a new company, are dreaming about starting your own organization, or have been running a business for years, learn how to identify business opportunities that increase your customer base. In Entrepreneurial Marketing, you will learn best practices for marketing and sales success such as conducting no-cost market research, developing critical sales strategies to secure a solid pipeline of qualified leads, defining value propositions that distinguish your business from others, and creating brand engagement to survive and thrive during changing and uncertain times. This program will provide you with proven tools, tips, and tactics that you can apply immediately to your business. 

Rocket Pitch | Dates: TBD

Entrepreneurs work tirelessly on an idea and need money to scale up. When an opportunity comes up to present the idea to an investor, entrepreneurs need to be prepared to present the idea for a chance for funding. In Rocket Pitch, learn how to pitch your new venture idea to a panel—to convince others about the merits of your own idea—when you only have three minutes. This is called a Rocket Pitchwell-known here at Babson College in the United States. This program is for middle-level managers seeking a raise or a promotion and for those looking for resources to launch a startup. Additionally, university students looking for a job with promising career opportunities and high school students preparing for college application essays or admission interviews also will benefit from this program.

Corporate Program

Learn more about our corporate offerings for companies who would like their leaders to learn the practice of entrepreneurial leadership in Silicon Valley companies – Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation, Asia (pdf)

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Discounts for Babson alumni are available through the Second-Century Alumni Grant. Discounts also are available for groups and past participants in Babson Executive Education courses and certificates for individuals. Please email Tammy Gage for more information on discounts.

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