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Student life—your time spent outside the classroom—is just as important as your academic experience. It has a huge impact on your social life, your personal growth, and, let’s be honest, how much fun you have. You may spend “only” four years on campus, but the benefits you gain as part of the Babson community? They literally last a lifetime.

A Whole-Person Approach to Living and Learning

No one learns in a vacuum. Your social wellbeing impacts your mental wellbeing impacts your physical health impacts your emotional wellbeing impacts your academic wellbeing … you get the idea. If one area is out of whack, it can impact your overall experience—in college and in life in general.

At Babson, our community may be wildly diverse (culturally, ethnically, geographically), but there’s one thing we all agree on: supporting each other. As a Babson student, you’re surrounded by a support system in all areas of living and learning with resources that allow you to take care of your entire wellbeing—not just one part or another.

Explore life at Babson to see how you’re supported in all areas of your student experience. 

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An Experience You Have to See

Start a business. Turn an idea into a prototype. Join a club. Lead a team to victory. Discover the world and your place in it. Whatever you see yourself doing, Babson is the place to do it.

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All in One Day: What Happens on Campus

Experience a day in the Babson life! From sunrise to way past sunset, our campus buzzes with activity—from the classrooms to the Centers, from the dining hall to the creative spaces, from the student group meetings to the athletic fields. Here’s what you'll experience, from both an academic and student life perspective, during a typical Babson day.

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Go Beyond Our Campus

The Wellesley campus is only one part of the Babson picture. From city life to ski adventures, see how our students fill out their worlds.

See Yourself at Babson

The best way to know if you’ll love living and learning on campus is to visit. Already picture yourself here? Apply now!

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