Digital Transformation Initiative

The Digital Experience Initiative (dXi) is a conduit for research, industry partnerships, and co-curricular experiments exploring the design of digital experiences and business models.


  • Conduct research focused on design and innovation with digital technologies
  • Partner with organizations undergoing digitalization efforts
  • Promote digital entrepreneurship of all kinds and experimentation with digital technologies

Since February 2017, the dXi has partnered with startups, sponsored the Women in Technology Fellows program, organized hackathons, and provided prototyping equipment and mentorship to digital entrepreneurs.

Associated Faculty

The following faculty members are associated with the dXi:

Ruben Mancha Profile Picture

Rubén Mancha

Faculty Director

Sinan Erzurumlu, Research

Sinan Erzurumlu

Sebastian Fixson, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Innovation Marla M. Capozzi MBA '96 Term Chair in Design Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Sebastian Fixson

Steven Gordon, Professor, Operations and Information Management Division

Steve Gordon

Phil Kim

Phillip Kim

David Nersessian, Associate Professor, Accounting and Law Division

David Nersessian

Dessislava Pachamanova, Research – Health Analytics

Dessislava Pachamanova

Faculty associated with the dXi have research interests and expertise in areas related to digital transformation and innovation:

  • Digitization of products and services
  • Digital ecosystems
  • Digital innovation
  • Open innovation
  • Social innovation
  • Team dynamics
  • Innovation skills and workforce readiness
  • Design thinking
  • Strategic management of data
  • Internet of things
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented/virtual/mixed reality
  • Information security

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The Digital Transformation Initiative (formerly Digital Experience Initiative) brings together faculty expertise from various disciplines to study the role of digital technologies in transforming business and society.

WP 2022-01 | February 2022
HortiSense: An IoT Low-Code Platform
By Ainara Novales & Rubén Mancha

WP 2022-02 | May 2022
Sweetgreen: A Tech Company Powered by Salad, or a Salad Company Powered by Tech?
By Robert Arcila Barbour, Meggan Levene, & Bob A. Steele

Recent work by dXi faculty associates:

Mancha, R., Gordon, S.R. (2021). Multi-Sided Platform Strategies for Organizations: Transforming the Business Model. Journal of Business Strategy. Forthcoming.

Mancha, R. Nersessian, D., Marthinsen, J. (2021). Reorienting the sharing economy for social benefit: the nonprofit digital platform business model. Social Responsibility Journal. Forthcoming.

Union, L., Suen, C., Mancha, R. (2021). Diunsa: An Entrepreneurial Family’s Digital Response to COVID-19. Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy. Forthcoming.

Qermane, K., Mancha, R. (2021). WHOOP, Inc.: Digital Entrepreneurship During the Covid-19 PandemicEntrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy, 4(3), 500-514.

Mancha, R., Gordon, S.R., Stoddard, D.B. (2021). Seven Mistakes to Avoid in Launching and Scaling Digital Platforms. Journal of Business Strategy, 42(2), 126-136.

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