Undergraduate Career Advising and Support from the First Day

We have your back from day one.

As soon as you arrive at Babson, you have access to peer undergraduate career advising, career workshops, and resources from our Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD). These tools are catered to our students and their specific interests, not just business opportunities.

In addition to our campus career advisement offerings, virtual tools are available for students 24/7 and help connect students to those aforementioned resources, on-campus events, skill-building opportunities, undergraduate career advising, resume reviews, and more.

Connor D’Amelia ’17, Vice President, McKinsey & Company – RTS

Having access to business-focused coursework and industry professionals who are also professors created a space for me to develop the skills needed to find career success in the field I am passionate about.”

Connor D’Amelia ’17
Vice President, McKinsey & Company – RTS

Most of the CCD advising events and tools are open to all of our students, though some are more useful to upperclassmen and others may be more suitable for underclassmen. Regardless, you can start early. Below is just an example of how we support our students from orientation to graduation.

Your First Year with CCD

We want you to feel the love the minute you step on campus. As you adjust to college, you can join us for one of our signature first-year events and even start meeting with Peer Career Ambassadors, who function similarly to an undergraduate career advisor.

Peer Career Ambassadors

Peer Career Ambassadors (PCAs) are Babson students trained to assist their peers with their career-related needs. As a first-year student, you have the opportunity to meet with PCAs who provide guidance and help you find opportunities. 

Career Education Workshops

Join CCD's Career Education Workshops to help prepare you for the next step, wherever you are in your career journey. Common events include: Resume 101, Networking Basics, and Industry Panels with experts in the field.

Getting the Professional Hang of It

It’s never too early to start exploring potential careers and internships. CCD advising is here to show you all the options available to you.

24/7 Virtual Tools to Explore

Students have 24/7 access to Canvas, VMock, and Big Interview, among others, to help with career search strategies, resume guidance, industry expertise, interview prep, and more.

Career Workshop Opportunities and Industry Recurring Events

Leveraging our expansive employer partnerships and incredible alumni network, we offer workshops, career sessions, and recurring events tailored toward specific industries and career development milestones.

Finding Professional Opportunities

Internships and professional opportunities are not required of our students, but almost all of them do at least one while at Babson. We offer various levels of support during this part of your career exploration.

1-1 Undergraduate Career Advising with CCD Staff

CCD staff has networks and expertise across industries. Once you're at Babson, you can make an appointment with us for help with an internship strategy or job-search plan, how to connect with alumni and employers, your resume and cover letters, interview and grad school application prep, or even a specific opportunity. 

Internship Prep and Career Fairs

Now, it’s time to drill down on some of your professional interests. Our team helps you research opportunities near you and land the role you want. Plus, you can get comfortable networking at our semesterly career fairs.

Preparing for Graduation and Beyond

Our team will make sure you’re confident going into your next professional step before you even order your cap and gown. 

Partnering With Us Means You’re Ahead of the Curve

Get a sense of what’s in store for you, and make sure to take advantage of our job fairs and networking opportunities to meet people across industries. And, don’t forget to check in with your advisor!

Our Alums Are with Us Forever

You never get rid of us—not that you’d want to! Our alumni also have lifelong access to career-related offerings, including our directory, startup resources, research databases, and job-search toolkits and career coaching.

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