Writing Awards

The Michael J. Conlon Awards are presented annually for best analytical writing by a first-year student, in memory of Michael J. Conlon, a former Writing Center Consultant. The winners are chosen by a committee of students who are Peer Consultants from the Writing Center. 

Entry for the next Conlon Awards will open in March 2024. Please check back for more information.


1st Ta'Leigh Johnson: "Modern Day Slavery"

2nd Sarah Pahwa: "White Lilies in a Hibiki Bottle"

3rd Benjamin Singer: "The War Zone of Recess"


1st Wendy Wang: “Can You Hear The Bauhinia Cry?”

2nd Nora Ryan: "Inhumanity Personified"

3rd Sabiha Khatun: "Overcoming Patriarchal Norms: How the Barbi-Verse Addresses Femininity" 


1st Julian Brodsky: "COVID-19: The Virus Infecting Workplace Gender Equality"

2nd Emily Magoon: "Gender and Politics: Equal, But Not Really"

3rd Derek Son: "Shame and Politics Converge: How the Comfort Woman Statue Serves as a Space of Engagement"


1st Martina Garabedian: “Pragmatism: The Philosophical Concept Which Will Never Become Obsolete”           

2nd Daniel Eisen: "Gender and Suicide Rates: What Role does Society Play?"

3rd Saanya Jhaveri: "Is Blind Recruitment the Answer?"  


1st Cassandra Quintiliano: "Within a Leopoldian Community: Van Der Post's Understanding of Equality in the Human-Animal Relationship"

2nd Sydney Dowling: "As Above, So Below"

3rd Rex Ciavola: "The Marine Plastic Pollution Imperative: Unsustainable"


1st Oussama Ouadani: "A Quivering Tailpipe: Cars and Their Thematic Significance"

2nd Aiswarya Arul: "The Remnants of the Civil War"

3rd Julianne Jeon: "Blurred Lines: History and Propaganda"