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The Leader in Entrepreneurial Business Education

To Babson, rankings mean so much more than just numbers. Each is a reminder for the Babson community to continue to innovate and to lead fearlessly. We know the world needs entrepreneurial leaders, and Babson has the methodology and approach to make that happen.

It’s how Babson was named the 10th best college in America (The Wall Street Journal), the best college for business majors (Money magazine), and the number one ranked college for entrepreneurship for 30 consecutive years (U.S. News & World Report).

The proof is with our students, as they have helped Babson earn the #9 spot on Forbes list of the top 25 colleges for highest-earning graduates.

Babson College learners are different and determined to be entrepreneurial leaders in any given situation. It’s why the College has held the #1 entrepreneurship ranking for both its undergraduate and MBA programs for more than two decades, and why the legacy and spirit of Roger Babson, the institution’s founder, remains strong in our staff, faculty, and students.

Babson Entrepreneurship Ranking


#1 in Entrepreneurship (MBA) – U.S. News & World Report / 30 consecutive years

#1 in Entrepreneurship (Undergraduate School) – U.S. News & World Report / 27 consecutive times

#1 in Career Preparedness (Undergraduate School) – The Wall Street Journal

#1 for Entrepreneurship (Northeast Graduate and Undergraduate Programs) – Entrepreneur magazine / The Princeton Review / 2023

#1 for Business Majors (Undergraduate School) - Money magazine / 2022

#1 Business School for Salary Potential (Undergraduate School) – PayScale / 2023, 2015–2021

#1 Private Business School for ROI (Undergraduate School) – PayScale / 2014–2020

#1 for International Students (Undergraduate School) – Forbes / 2017–2018

#1 for Percentage of Alumni Who Start a Business after College (MBA) – Financial Times / 2018

#1 for Number of Education Abroad Students on All Duration Programs for 2021–22 – Institute of International Education / 2023

#1 for Number of Education Abroad Students on Mid-Length Duration Programs for 2021-2022 - Institute of International Education / 2023


#2 for Entrepreneurship (MBA) – Bloomberg / 2022

#2 for Entrepreneurship (MBA) – Poets&Quants / 2022

#2 for Number of International Students for 2022/2023 – Institute of International Education / 2023

#2 for Entrepreneurship (MBA) – Financial Times / 2018

#2 for Business Majors (Undergraduate School) – Money magazine / 2018

#2 for Salary Potential among Business Program Peers (Undergraduate School) – U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard / 2016, 2017, 2018

#2 for a Transformative Experience (Undergraduate School) – Money magazine /2018


#3 for Entrepreneurship (Undergraduate School) – Entrepreneur magazine / The Princeton Review / 2018

#3 for Entrepreneurship (Undergraduate School) – Bloomberg Businessweek / 2018

#3 for Total Number of Education Abroad Students on Short-Term Programs for 2021/2022 - Institute for International Education / 2023

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Why Is Babson the Best in Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship education started at Babson more than 100 years ago and we’ve been perfecting it ever since. Our faculty, who have a mix of research expertise and practical experience, are the leading minds on entrepreneurial leadership and prepare entrepreneurial leaders at every level—undergraduate, graduate, executive, and even other educators—to create economic and social value everywhere.

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The Value of a Babson Education

Is Babson College a good school? What makes a “good” school is relatively subjective; what’s good for one student may not be good for another. Rankings do, however, offer some guidance. For example, if you’re looking for value, Babson routinely ranks #1 for salary potential and return on investment. Plus, in 2022, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (CEW) ranked Babson #9 for ROI 40 years after enrollment with alumni having a net present value of $2,242,000.

Babson is the #2 ranked school in all of New England for value, beating out the likes of Harvard and MIT, and #13 across the entire U.S. (Money magazine, 2022).

Babson is ranked among the top 100 most selective colleges in the U.S. (U.S. News & World Report).

Forbes also ranked Babson among the top 50 best performers on its new College Financial Grades list (Forbes, 2022).

Babson is ranked 6th overall for mid-career pay and is only behind Princeton, MIT, the U.S. Naval Academy, Harvey Mudd, and Stanford. (Payscale, 2023)

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Undergraduate School

You have big ideas and big dreams. At Babson, we teach you how to find the opportunity in every challenge and turn those ideas into real innovations. By focusing on entrepreneurial leadership, we’re preparing our students to go from today’s learners into future leaders.

Bigger Than Business


Create something out of nothing. Embark on the life-changing journey to a new career path. Make your business soar to new heights. All this and more is possible at the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business, where entrepreneurial leaders are fueled by equal parts passion and action.

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WSJ Ranks Babson College 10th Best College in America

With its impressive student outcomes, Babson rates among the nation’s elite schools in the WSJ/College Pulse 2024 Best Colleges in the U.S. rankings.

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Babson College Forbes Ranking

Forbes recognized Babson as the #1 undergraduate school for international students (2017–2018), beating out Harvard, MIT, and Yale. The ranking is based on multiple factors, such as six-year graduation rate, full-need aid or need-blind admission policies, access to popular majors, size of the international student body, and more.

Additional Accolades


ROI 40 years after enrollment – Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, 2022


Best Online MBA Programs – Fortune Education 2021 (MBA)


Best Online MBA Programs – U.S. News & World Report (MBA), 2022


MBA program worldwide – Financial Times 2021 (MBA)


Top graduate colleges ranked by startup founders – PitchBook Universities (2022)

Open Doors Report Top Rankings

Babson College received top rankings amongst its institutional classification for student mobility (international students and study abroad) in the Institute for International Education’s Annual Open Doors Report.


for number of International Students for 2022/2023


for total number of Education Abroad Students on all duration programs for 2021/2022


for total number of Education Abroad Students on mid-length duration programs for 2021/2022


for total number of Education Abroad Students on short-term programs for 2021/2022

Babson’s rankings within its Carnegie classification (Special-Focus Institutions)

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