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Babson College welcomes an inclusive and diverse community from across the country and all over the world, with unique backgrounds and far-ranging talents and interests. Here we provide the admission statistics, but there’s a lot you can’t quantify in a number. Did you know the Babson Class of 2027 includes trapeze performers, documentarians, artists, and elite skiers? Like the broader Babson community, these newest Babson students are brilliantly multifaceted.

General Statistics

Class Size 626
Percentage of Women 44%
Percentage of Domestic Minority Students 50%
Percentage of First-Generation Students 21%
Percentage of International Students 29%
Number of Countries Represented 52
Number of States Represented 31

Admission Statistics

Number of Applications 7,995
Admit Rate 20%
SAT Score Range for the Middle 50% of Admitted Students 1430–1510
ACT Score Range for the Middle 50% of Admitted Students 32–34
Institutional Grants and Scholarships Awarded $10.9 million

Together We Are One Babson

How we live, who we love, where we’ve come from, and what we strive for are essential to our success. Your class at Babson is a microcosm of the world, offering the chance for you to gain the experience and skills to thrive in a diverse community.

  • Live with students from other countries
  • Join clubs that celebrate others’ identities
  • Learn alongside peers with different perspectives, and varied backgrounds and interests
  • Together, create the lasting change of tomorrow

Where Views Converge and Innovations Emerge

At Babson, we value diversity, equity, and inclusion and the 100+ student clubs, organizations, and events for all interests and affinity groups are a testament to our vibrant community. Plus, with Boston just a short car or train ride away, you are truly surrounded by a rich and diverse environment. Discover how to rally your peers. Listen to, and learn from, diverse perspectives. And get ready to see how your Babson experience will shape the professional paths you pursue.

Here are just a few of the clubs and organizations you can join:

  • Women Giving Back
  • Black Student Union
  • Pride: Babson's LGBTQ and Ally Student Organization
  • Indian Student Association
  • Babson Latin American Club

Meet Students with Diverse Perspectives

Babson students all have their own unique big ideas, yet they share a make-it-happen mindset and the motivation to bring those big ideas to life. Read their stories for a peek into the passions that make our students such vibrant entrepreneurial leaders.

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