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Entrepreneurship and professional sports have always gone hand in hand, as the latter is an industry constantly looking toward innovation. 

Jobs in the sports field require agile, strategic thinkers and people who can problem solve and adapt in fast-paced, competitive markets. The Babson undergraduate sports management concentration equips students with the knowledge and experience to confidently pursue their dreams in sports management, fostering the next generation of innovators and leaders in the field.  

The hands-on opportunities Babson students have with real organizations provides unparalleled networking, consulting, and in-the-field experience. At Babson, your business degree takes you from the classroom right into the action.  

Where the Undergraduate Sports Management Concentration Will Take You 

A business degree with a concentration in sports management translates across roles at organizations at all leagues and levels. Business students with an interest in sports management go on to careers in data analytics, operations and management, coaching, sales, player representation, guest relations, and marketing and events, among other roles within professional sports organizations. 

Our courses and hands-on approach to learning are designed to develop your communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills, while building out your business acumen and confidence in your abilities and creativity. Additionally, through resources in the Arthur M. Blank School for Entrepreneurial Leadership, you can start to shape the career of your dreams. Students also find support and opportunities in the Babson Sports Business Society. 

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‘Game-Changing’ Careers at the Intersection of Sports and Data

Interested in undergraduate careers in data analytics and sports? With analytics jobs on the rise, recent Babson graduates find success using their education, including classes such as the Management Consulting Field Experience and Sports Application of Mathematics, to inform data careers in the professional sports industry.

What You Will Study in Your Sports Management Courses 

You will take courses exploring aspects of the professional sports industry and the role sports and athletics play in greater society. You also can take analytics, marketing, literature, and law courses. Our concentrations are designed to help you specialize or explore options within our bachelors in business administration degree, but the courses offered are comparable to what’s offered in a sports management major or minor program, as well as a bachelor’s in sports management degree. 

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This Course Fuels a Career in Sports

Babson’s Good Company, Good Game: Law, Ethics, and Leadership in Sports Business is a course inspired by the values and experiences of Arthur M. Blank ’63, H’98. As part of the course, students took a weeklong trip to Atlanta to visit the Blank Family of Businesses, which includes the Atlanta Falcons football team and Atlanta United soccer team.

Required Courses 

You will take at least two of the following classes:

Begin your school year early with a weeklong trip to Atlanta to visit the Arthur M. Blank Family of Businesses, including the Atlanta Falcons, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta United, and PGA Tour Superstore, and learn how readers navigate legal, ethical, and management decisions in sports businesses. You analyze challenges faced by these organizations and apply value-based leadership principles to determine strategic and ethical decisions for a business and its stakeholders. 

This course examines the legal relationships among athletes, teams, leagues, governing bodies, sports facilities, licensees, broadcasters, and fans. This includes the history of the various leagues and organizations, the influence of politics on sports law, and public policy governing sports. 

This course provides an in-depth analysis of audience behavior in sports and entertainment. You will learn how to use data analytics to understand fan behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns, and how to develop effective marketing strategies to maximize revenue and fan loyalty. 

This course focuses on the application of marketing concepts in the dynamic and high-profile sports industry. Topics include sponsorship, branding, marketing research, consumer behavior, product development, licensing, advertising, sales promotion, public relations, legal and ethical issues, womens professional sports, collegiate sports, and more. 

This course explores the connection between sports and global affairs currently and throughout history. You will trace instances where sports collides with social, political, and economic issues around the globe since the inception of modern sport. You also will identify how global issues affect the development of sports and how sports have shaped global and national issues from the margins.  

Mathematicians and statisticians are playing an increasing role in shaping how athletic contests are played and how they are judged. This course examines some of the underlying quantitative principles that are routinely used. A variety of software packages will be used to demonstrate the many ways that a mathematical point of view can inform athletes, coaches and trainers, administrators, and fans. 

Elective Courses

For electives, you can take two courses from the above list or pick from a list that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Building Contracts for New Ventures  
  • Sports and Literature  
  • Leader Development: Enable Change in Self & Others  
  • Talent Management: What Many Leaders Miss 
  • Negotiations 
  • Retailing Management 
  • Consumer Psychology & Shopper Marketing 
  • Customer Acquisition and Persuasion 
  • Sales in Action 

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You Will Learn From the Best 

At Babson, our faculty are experts, innovators, and forward thinkers in their chosen fields. Here are just some of the professors sharing their expertise and support with our students in the sports management program. 

Portrait of Anjali Bal

Anjali Bal

Anjali Bal, an inaugural Babson Presidential Research Scholar and an associate professor of marketing, teaches and researches topics within the arts and entertainment and sports marketing fields, including the intersectionality of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) in these markets. Additionally, she is the managing director of Balbro Inc. and the co-founder/co-CEO of The Worthington-Bal Group, an arts and entertainment, creativity, and sports management consulting group.

Richard Cleary,

Richard Cleary

Richard “Rick” Cleary, a professor of mathematics, is a statistician and mathematician with research and consulting interests in various fields including sports and education. Prior to coming to Babson in 2013, he taught at St. Michael’s College in Vermont, Cornell University, Bentley University, and Harvard University. He has held leadership positions in the Mathematical Association of America, including six years on the executive committee as associate treasurer. He currently co-chairs the Upper Division Pathways initiative for TPSE Math.

Leslie Garbarino, Assistant Professor of Practice, Accounting & Law Division

Leslie Garbarino

Leslie Garbarino is an associate professor of practice teaching business law, an attorney, facilitator, and startup executive. In addition to her academic work, she runs her own startup consulting and corporate law practices. Prior to starting her own businesses, she was the president of Streetwise Media (now AmericanInno), a national digital media and events company focused on tech and innovation.

Mike McGuirk, Associate Professor of Practice, Marketing Division

Mike McGuirk

Mike McGuirk, an associate professor of practice in marketing, teaches courses that bridge the gap between the art and science of marketing. He brings over three decades of experience with descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytic techniques, helping Fortune 1000 clients identify customer insights that lead to highly successful data-driven sales, marketing, and customer experience programs. He has led analytic consulting engagements at companies such as General Motors, Harley-Davidson, Dunkin’, CVS Pharmacy, BP, McDonald’s, OnStar, Extended Stay Hotels, Volvo, Cigna Insurance, Microsoft, and many not-for-profit organizations.

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