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University Opportunities in Entrepreneurship Education

Administrators, deans, and faculty in any discipline benefit from a strengthened entrepreneurial mindset that empowers thinking, acting, and learning despite uncertainty. Babson, the no. 1 school for entrepreneurship, provides custom programs for participants who work within or outside of the discipline of entrepreneurship.

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Action-Oriented Development Opportunities for Economic & Social Growth

Learning at Babson is experiential, action-oriented, and taught within our globally recognized framework of Entrepreneurial Thought & Action®. Learn a proven entrepreneurial framework that gives weight to creating both economic and social value. Expert Babson faculty and staff bring decades of experience and research to every session.

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Babson Academy Impact Report 2023

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Access, Connect, Inspire.

In 2023, The Babson Academy unleashed global potential with entrepreneurship education and international exchange. Since our founding and through 2023 we have expanded our entrepreneurship community to 10,200 educators and students across more than 59 institutions in more than 89 countries.

We celebrated the work of the Babson Collaborative at the Global Summit at the UDD in Chile and expanded our mission of supporting entrepreneurship education for all ages with the Youth Impact Lab. 2023 was a year of strengthening entrepreneurship through collaboration and innovation with 20 custom programs. We grew our global community across the Middle East and North Africa region, Asia, South America and more. This report celebrates the work of educators and institutions around the world and right here at Babson who are driven by an unyielding entrepreneurial spirit that shapes resilient, adaptable, and globally-minded individuals.

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Being in the Collaborative allows our school to connect with other universities that share the same vision of entrepreneurship. Université Laval has a vision of responsible/sustainable entrepreneurship, so our participation in the annual Student Challenge is a great opportunity for our students and our institution to promote this vision of sustainability in entrepreneurship. The mindset is great and the other educators really experiment in their teaching. This network helps to resolve problems, and get concrete ideas and solutions for our courses.
Professor Maripier Tremblay
Faculty at Université Laval, Canada
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Babson’s SEE program taught me to see entrepreneurship not as a process, but as a mindset. Using Babson’s methodology, I can effectively promote the power of entrepreneurial thinking and action to the startups in our accelerator.
Beatriz Millán
Executive Director of IncubaUdeC | University of Concepción, Chile

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