Financial And Sustainability Reporting

ACC7800 Financial and Sustainability Reporting
(Formerly Financial Reporting)

2 Credits (Core MBA)If you have taken and passed ACC7200, you cannot register for ACC7800, as these two courses are equivalent

The purpose of this course is to review the concepts surrounding financial and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting and to emphasize the importance of being an informed user of financial and ESG information for any entrepreneurial leader. Whether you are involved in an existing business or starting your own, working in the not-for-profit sector or managing your personal finances, you will need to be able to incorporate financial information into your decision-making process. We will be constructing financial statements, analyzing them across companies and industries, and providing linkages to entrepreneurial and strategic decision making. We will also be exploring how the reporting of ESG factors integrates with financial reports to provide useful information for evaluating risks and the long-term sustainability of a business.

**It is strongly recommended that students complete this course prior to taking FIN7800**

  • Program: Graduate
  • Division: Accounting and Law
  • Course Number: ACC7800
  • Number of Credits: 2