Economic & Financial Forecasting

ECN7520 Economic and Financial Forecasting

3 Credits If you have taken and passed QTM9501, you cannot register for ECN7520, as these two courses are equivalent

Do you anticipate making or evaluating economic and business forecasts in your career? This _hands-on_ course provides students a comprehensive introduction to the field of forecasting and econometrics. It covers three main areas of forecasting: basic statistical methods, structural models, and time series models. Throughout the course we will focus on applied examples and use software to forecast key economic and business measures of performance (such as asset pricing, investment risk, interest rates, unemployment rates, industry level and firm level sales, revenues and other variables) while learning to assess the strengths and weaknesses of these forecasts.

These techniques can improve corporate financial planning, marketing, sales forecasts, production planning, and many other decisions where better predictions in light of uncertainty can reduce costs, raise profits and lead to better decision-making.

Prerequisites: None

  • Program: Graduate
  • Division: Economics
  • Level: MSF Elective (Grad),Graduate Elective (Grad)
  • Course Number: ECN7520
  • Number of Credits: 3