Supply Chain Management

OIM7572 Supply Chain Management

(Formerly OPS7572 Supply and Demand Chain Management)
3 Elective Credits

If you took and passed OPS7572, you cannot register for OIM7572, as these two courses are equivalent

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is primarily the management of flows. These flows involve multiple, interactive parties. Thus, asymmetric interests & information pooling often govern the Chain itself as it interprets the uncertainty inherent in both supply and demand. The goal of all supply chains is to satisfy or exceed customer's expectations and to do so at sustainable and reliable levels of profitability. The achievement of these goals is both enabled and challenged by the nature of complex systems in an increasingly globalized economy. In many industries supply chains are the primary determinant of product cost, capital efficiency and customer satisfaction. Indeed in certain firms, Supply Chain Management is a compelling source of competitive advantage and shareholder interest.

This course is a foundational elective designed to provide students with an integrated perspective of SCM; with enough specificity to critically assess the strategic fit of an existing supply chain design and to offer discrete recommendations for improvement. Students will also learn to recognize best practices in supply chain management, identify possible supply chain barriers to effectively scaling a venture, and assess the effectiveness of advanced technologies such as robotics, blockchain and AI to further improve supply chain execution & product/service life-cycle management. As such the course will be an essential component to the portfolio of studies of those pursuing advanced management skills & research. The course is intended for CEO's, COO's, CSO's, Product Managers and Operations leaders in ventures where the supply chain is an instrument of strategic intent & actualization.

This course is structured on the fundamental assertion that a system is more than the sum of its parts. As systems, supply chains may exhibit adaptive, dynamic, self-resilient and even goal seeking behaviors. Our scope of study is through a lens involving networks, platforms and ecosystems - often well beyond the hard boundaries of a firm. For purposes of our course, Supply Chain Management is defined as the transdisciplinary & integrated approach to managing the flow of goods/services, information, and capital, from raw materials through to the end user - and increasingly the conversion of end-of-life products back into sourcing streams.

Prerequisites: 1) NONE for those involved in Specialty Masters Programs (MSBA, MSF, MSEL)

2) Completion of OIM 7800 for all other students

  • Program: Graduate
  • Division: Operations and Information Management
  • Level: MSBA Elective (Grad),Graduate Elective (Grad)
  • Course Number: OIM7572
  • Number of Credits: 3